Tuesday, July 30, 2013

big water...aka, tahoe

oh tahoe. i love you so. so so so so so much.. my heart aches for tahoe all year, and then i am all smiles for the two weeks that i get to spend there each summer.  i consider myself extremely lucky to visit my *home country*, and i thank my parents and auntie joan  for allowing me and my family to invade the family cabin.  this year was a particularly special one with the celebration of my parent's 25th wedding anniversary,  papa bear who was able to vacation with us, and the addition of the east of I5 seattle erbecks (truly a treat to have nic, lincoln, skylar, her friend kate and pen-pen the pot roast wig-wag super dog).
here is a quick snap shot of our action packed, never a dull moment, over the top good time!

part one: 4th of July with the Keelings!  super great two days in portland, hanging out with the kids, good food, sparklers, chalk art, all around general silliness.  we love hanging with this crew!  thank g, h, e, m, and g again!

 part two: the road trip was super fast and easy in the flex! true and luca are total troopers, never a fight, no complaining...just enthusiastic travelers.  true enjoyed making some great art during the 800 mile ride.
part three: fun time with the kids!  true, skylar, kate, nic and i went on a mountain biking adventure.  sky and kate know how to rock the trails and true is well on his way.  the trails were hard and he earned every lick of ice cream he had that day (btw, in general, ice cream was consumed a least twice a day).
3 miles is  long way to go for a little guy!

mildred, the most photographed woman in tahoe
 our annual trip down to Vikingsholm did not disappoint!   and this year, dad came so we go to kayak the kids out to fannette island and hike to the tea house (the parking lot for this hike was full by 10:30 am....with no parking allowed on the roads.  impressively, papa bear dropped us at the trail head and he drove a few miles down to a safe place to park... then with lightening speed, he ran back to us).
the caretaker's apartment in the courtyard

gorgeous craftsman woodoworking galore.

the tea house!  i was nervous about the kayak to the island, but it was super fun

when i was a kid, you weren't allowed to hike to the teahouse! this was my first time.

luca (and true) spent a great deal of time skateboarding

the only clouds we saw were on this evening.  they made for a great sunset

part four: grown up mountain biking! the mountain biking in tahoe is simply the best.  i love it.  it can be  technically challenging, and when you start at lake level, you have to climb and it's not too long before you have gained a couple thousand feet and a hundred million gorgeous vistas.  go. ride. tahoe.
the picture does not do this overlook justice.  we are way up there!
lincoln and nic, enjoying the hard earned reward of silence and beauty
flume trail!  a tahoe must.  my face hurt from smiling
aaron at marlette lake, top of the flume trail.  he and lincoln are crazy enough to climb using single speed bikes
part five- 25 year anniversary party for the parents, 50 year birthday party for the cabin!  it was a great party with lots of relatives, lots of food, and lots of beer.  it was such an honor to be a part of their celebration...both when they were married, and NOW, 25 years later.
25 years in wedded bliss!  my mom and step-monster are really happy together. a perfect match!
 part six- the beach! we love going to the tahoe beaches!  a new fav this year was a short drive east of us...when i usually just walk to the end of the block.   but change is fun and the ice cream shop nearby was a big pull too. 
for the first time, true found joy in the floatie
countless hours digging sandcastles with moats

luca caught a crawdad without bait!  this was a first, and he set him free to live out his crustacious life

this is the only bear that luca was happy to see.  and the only one we did this trip

part seven- the final days....just me and the boys.  i rode in the mornings, then took them out for rides in the afternoon.  we are creatures of habit, and we rode some of the same trails we rode last year, but we were better at riding them this year!
my favorite sign, at the top of uncle lincoln's favorite trail

just another gorgeous vista on my morning ride

love riding the trail with these kids on our last day. bitter sweet, but we were all ready for home

loading the flex is no small feet.  it took me an hour!

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looks like a great trip ! and great pics too. coaster worthy. :)