Monday, June 10, 2013

rapha weekend

sometimes, you just gotta get away.  rapha's art show in portland seemed like the perfect excuse to find some place for the kids to stay, while we escaped for a few days.  we stayed with our besties, the keelings, the boys stayed with miss mary and then enzo.

bikes are art!

i feel like i am married to a celebrity
rapha hq..simple, elegant, gorgeous. 

after the portland show and ride, aaron was off of for one of the infamous rapha trips, while i hung out with heather, greg, emmett, georgia, magnolia.  i love those kids (the parents too)!
on my way home, i stopped off  in toutle, washington, to ride up to johnson ridge obeservatory.  this, is an 80 mile ride, 8k of climbing.  fortunately, i convinced my friends peter and chris to endure the suffering with me.   we had a perfect day and i managed quite a sunburn.
not a steep climb, but long!

peter at the top!                                          

you may wonder what the boys were doing....

they were having a really good time!  such a good time that they were understandably a little sad when i showed up at gabe, tina, ane enzo's to bring them home.  

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