Wednesday, June 5, 2013

camp chelan (aka, true's big bday party)

true wanted to go camping for his off we went to lake chelan, where we were guaranteed some sunshine and warm temps!  we had never camped there before, it was all new to us.  we packed up the car with 4 boys (5, if you count aaron, and i do), and everything we would need for a weekend of fun.  bikes, shovels, tents, soccer ball, lots and lots and lots of food (unbelievably, not nearly enough).  we did not have an inch to spare- but we were all still very comfortable.  we arrived just before 10pm and were slightly horrified by the hoards of people in the campground.  aaron audibly groaned.  we drove around searching for our site and much to our surprise, it turned out to be the best one!  the site was shaded, semi-private and big bonus.. right on the river.  the sound of the water drowned out the noise of every generator and boom box.  it was sweet and peaceful (we also realized in the morning that we were in the wrong site...we had to move to a not as great of a site. BUT, as luck would have it, the people that reserved the better site did not show and i insisted politely that we move back to the perfect site.  as they say, location! location! location!).  aaron set the tents up in no time and we stuffed the kids into their sleeping bags, but their excitement prevailed and i heard them well past 11:00pm.
despite the late night shenanigans, the kids were up at 7am and ready for adventure by 8am.

as you can tell, true was ultra prepared.  he had his backpack full of safety equipment (ropes, flashlights, carabiners,  survival books). who wouldn't want to adventure with this kid?!

the first stop on our hike

luca was first to remove his shirt
luca was quick to make a new friend

trying to make up for multiple camp site relocation efforts
sunset on chelan is gorgeous

we took our new friend maggie to go get ice cream with us

cocktails by the fire

so much fun is exhausting!

super exhausting

this is what adventure looks like

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