Sunday, May 12, 2013

mom's day!

i love being a mom!  i never thought i'd say that...i never thought i'd truly embrace motherhood.  but i really think it's so awesome, and through parenting i have learned so many things to make me a better person (not just for my kids, but in general!).  i am more patient (ok, let's admit it, i finally HAVE some patience), i'm kinder, i'm also more fierce (depends on what is needed at the moment).  but one of the greatest gifts of being a mother is understanding my own mother, and having immense love and respect for her. being a mom myself has changed my relationship with my mother- all for the better.  i've always loved my mom, but it is now that i really get everything that she did for me, everything that she fought for, all the love that she so selflessly gave.  it's only because of her, that i am able to be so much for my own children. 
and here was my day, my fabulous, wonderful, full of so much love day...

morning starts with awesome norwegian pancakes from my awesome norwegian husband.  and the world's best cup of coffee (i swear, i can't wait to go to bed at night so i can wake up in the morning and have a cup of coffee made by the husband). 
and the loot from the kids and from aaron!
lovely earrings from a local boutique (i coveted these, the owner put a card into true's pocket one day with a note to aaron about them. smart lady), a g/c to an awesome bikestyle store, cards proclaiming lots of love, hand prints from luca, and (not pictured) a super cute bird house!
then luca and i were off to the coffee shop to hang out and eat doughnuts while true and dad worked on true's science fair project.  pictured below!
so cool!  i secretly hope true takes first prize, but it's not a contest, right?!
while true and aaron were putting finishing touches on the project, luca and i decided to go for  bike ride.  we headed to our favorite bike ride trail and park, took a lap (impressvie 3 miles for luca and i had to work to keep up with him).  we stopped to have fun in the park- it's so exhausting to chase him around and try and keep up, but kids have it figured out-  sliding and jumping and spinning and running and climbing really is great fun!
we came home, i napped (i love to nap),  and then back to green lake with the entire family-  the boys played soccer while i went to be a sunday grocery shopping mom. still, i love this too! i came back to pick them up and we ended up continuing the soccer game- true and mom vs luca and dad.  amazingly, the score ended being a tie.
back home luca amused us all while playing and singing along with neil young  (old man  take a look at my life, i'm a lot like you were)-  he has decided he wants to be a rock star and a bike racer and he's quite sure he can do both brilliantly.   i actually think he may right.
while luca sang, dad poured the champagne
and true made sure the table looked awesome for our dinner- flowers (not picked, but found from the ground so that he wasn't the one to kill the bloom), place mats, napkins...
hamburgers, kale salad, ice cream, champagne....such an awesome meal.  it's a privilege to parent these boys, and be a wife to aaron. 
(and as a post husband is so great because he was raised by a great woman...i sincerely thank kathleen erbeck every day of my life for having aaron, and for helping him to become the man with whom i will grow old).


Gayle Berens said...

When I last saw Luca, he loved Neil Diamond. I'm so glad he switched to the right Neil. Whew.
And Tracy, thanks for sharing that lovely tribute to your truly awesome family. You're a truly awesome Mom!

Jan said...

Neil Diamond is one of my favoites, aside from that Tracy gives me more credit than I deserve, on the other hand.....Tracy is one AWESOME Mom.

True and Luca's grammy

erbeck family said...

oh auntie gayle...luca still loves the diamond. you can blame his father for that!

aaron said...

Neil Diamond is sort of a tool, but he did write (and sing) some great tunes. Solitary Man, come on... incredible. Neil Young is the true rock-n-roller though!

aaron said...

oh yeah, and great post baby. We love you. Happy Mothers Day.