Tuesday, May 14, 2013


sometimes things that are "all true and luca too", are about me, or aaron, or me again.  my blog is my family diary...a way to keep a small history of growing up erbeck.  i hope that one day my kids will enjoy reading about things that they did, that made them happy, that made me happy... things that helped to shape them into what and who they are.  so, this is one of those things that isn't about them, but me, and will play a part in their lives.
my dear friend roberta encouraged me to write this post.  i've known roberta for 20 years...we shared a home at one point, we share good friends, we share similar passions.  when roberta and i first knew each other, she was an accomplished athlete.  i'm not sure when she became this way...but i've always known her to be this way.. a runner, a weightlifter, a cyclist, a crossfitter.  she pretty much kicks complete ass in whatever athletic endeavor she chooses- she always has.  it's. just. her. 
i, however, really cared very little about sweating or being strong or competing.  i just wanted to dress cute and go see music. eventually i became a snowboarder (but not really all that athletic), and much to roberta's surprise, i started to commute by bike (not when it was too hot...i wasn't stoked to get sweaty and ruin my hair).  the combo of snowboarding and riding a bike lead to actually wanting to get fit.  as things progressed i found that i wanted to do the things i watched roberta do.....run, ride, race.  i sucked at running and quickly gave that up, but with the help of another friend, i embraced cycling. i never aspired to be as good as a racer as roberta, but i thought i'd  give it a go.
i failed at road racing. i actually hated it.  but i loved riding my bike and soon learned that mountain bike racing is what fueled me.  it was hard, but it was really fun and so rewarding...so there i went...racing mountain bikes.
i did really well and quickly progressed my first few years.  it was tedious training work, but i felt on top of the world.  i was winning a lot of races, and at the same time, i met aaron.  life, quite frankly....rocked.
as anybody who would read this blog knows, aaron and i (at our advanced age), had a quick romance and marriage and subsequent pregnancy.  racing mountain bikes became a thing of the past....too much time required to compete and keep fit.
well. another kid later, a broken collar bone, a surgery, a 45th birthday...and here i am...trying to race again. 
the day before mother's day i jumped back into the competition...the furthest distance mountain bike race i had ever done. and very technical!  although i feel like i'm in decent shape, i don't want to dedicate the time to caring about where i place... i just wanted to get back out there and see if i still enjoyed the competition.  i did. i do.  it's fantastic. i gave what i wanted to at the race...i came out, i rode as fast as i could, i drank a beer, and i went home to do the best thing of all... be with my family.
the stats:
i was 16th out of 32 women, 40 years and older
i crashed. really super hard once and a few other times not so hard
i had to change a flat
the race took me 3 hours, 27 minutes.  i had hoped to do it in 3 hours. whoops.
i paid $75 to sweat and hurt and it was worth every cent i spent.
post race...we were all glad to be done!


To Blog or Not to Blog said...

I love this! (And not just because you say extra nice things about me). Fun to hear about Tracy. And so impressed that you crashed 4 times, changed a flat, and still came in the top half of the field (and didn't throw in the towel as I might have after the first crash)! You rock!!

aaron said...


hvk said...

tracy, you are one of the most badass mamas i know! someday you will have to impart on me your secret recipe for always having great hair, cute clothes, lovely children AND being an athletic force to be reckoned with.
i am proud to call you my friend!

Matt said...


Sport is the ultimate expression of fitness and takes us to places that training alone cannot. Good so see you back in the saddle. I am confident that in time "not half bad" will be a place at the podium.

Well done and good writing.



Gayle Berens said...

I am filled with admiration!