Wednesday, May 22, 2013

happy 7th bday ethan and jaxon!

e and j are wearing birthday hats!  also pictured, enzo, true, dave jr., luca

true and luca had a great sleepover party and ethan and jaxon's for the weekend. both boys were exhausted when they came home sunday afternoon, they asked for a nap (which lasted 4+ hours!).  i missed them tons, but also enjoyed the quiet time.

these guys are cute together, because they have known each other forever.  they are all truly besties. take a look at them below!

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Matt said...


I keep track of time by the age of all the boys! The photos of True and Enzo and the boys beating on the drum kill me and bring back good memories of the Erbeck daycare next door.

It has been a heck of a lot of fun watching these kids grow up!