Wednesday, May 29, 2013

aye aye cap'n' glasses

 you know that dad is back in town when the super cool adventures begin again.  memorial day may have been rainy, slightly windy and a little cold, but to the erbeck boys, it was as a good enough day as any to visit the Center for Wooden Boats.  this boat had three captains: captain cookies (luca), captain loose tooth (guess who), and captain glasses (dad).

the fun was just beginning!  captain glasses bought both kids a small wooden toy boat and the rest of the afternoon was spent sanding the boats to smooth perfection.  dad made sails for both boats and despite the heavy squall,  off we went to green lake to float boats.

aaron got into the water to get the boats out as far as he could
captain cookies had no problem following suit
captain sensible (mom) and captain loose tooth stayed ashore

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james said...

Great job CAP'N' sensible. I love starting the day with a good laugh.