Wednesday, May 29, 2013

aye aye cap'n' glasses

 you know that dad is back in town when the super cool adventures begin again.  memorial day may have been rainy, slightly windy and a little cold, but to the erbeck boys, it was as a good enough day as any to visit the Center for Wooden Boats.  this boat had three captains: captain cookies (luca), captain loose tooth (guess who), and captain glasses (dad).

the fun was just beginning!  captain glasses bought both kids a small wooden toy boat and the rest of the afternoon was spent sanding the boats to smooth perfection.  dad made sails for both boats and despite the heavy squall,  off we went to green lake to float boats.

aaron got into the water to get the boats out as far as he could
captain cookies had no problem following suit
captain sensible (mom) and captain loose tooth stayed ashore

Monday, May 27, 2013


true is 7 years old! we had a family party for him last night (UL, auntie nicola, skylar, miss mary), and while i was prepping, true decided the house wasn't decorated enough for a proper bday party.  he only had a few minutes before the arrival of our guests, but he made quick work of ensuring we all knew who's big day it was.

true received everything on his list that he hinted at, or directly asked for, plus a few surprises.  the keeling's sent him a new lego set (a really cool one at that!),  and in no time, the kid had it built:
one of his other absolute fave presents was a sweatshirt, just like the one his little brother has:
he also got a cool magazine subscription to National Geographic (big hit!), a headlamp, sungalsses, rash guard, watch, portable soccer goals, mountain biking gloves, and a book of facts.
by the end of the day he was tired, he fell asleep on the  couch, his new fact book clutched in his hand. we didn't have the heart to move him to his bed, so aaron covered him in a blanket, and we kissed him good night.
(check out Roberta's blog for pic of true as a newborn, and true, 7 years later)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

happy 7th bday ethan and jaxon!

e and j are wearing birthday hats!  also pictured, enzo, true, dave jr., luca

true and luca had a great sleepover party and ethan and jaxon's for the weekend. both boys were exhausted when they came home sunday afternoon, they asked for a nap (which lasted 4+ hours!).  i missed them tons, but also enjoyed the quiet time.

these guys are cute together, because they have known each other forever.  they are all truly besties. take a look at them below!

Monday, May 20, 2013

front seat driver

 luca had his first driving lessons from his father!  he honestly feels like he could do this, if only his feet could reach the gas/brake.  both kids have discussed that maybe one of them steers while the other operates the gas pedal...and luca says he controls the radio.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

photos by clark

thank heavens for friends with real cameras.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


sometimes things that are "all true and luca too", are about me, or aaron, or me again.  my blog is my family diary...a way to keep a small history of growing up erbeck.  i hope that one day my kids will enjoy reading about things that they did, that made them happy, that made me happy... things that helped to shape them into what and who they are.  so, this is one of those things that isn't about them, but me, and will play a part in their lives.
my dear friend roberta encouraged me to write this post.  i've known roberta for 20 years...we shared a home at one point, we share good friends, we share similar passions.  when roberta and i first knew each other, she was an accomplished athlete.  i'm not sure when she became this way...but i've always known her to be this way.. a runner, a weightlifter, a cyclist, a crossfitter.  she pretty much kicks complete ass in whatever athletic endeavor she chooses- she always has.  it's. just. her. 
i, however, really cared very little about sweating or being strong or competing.  i just wanted to dress cute and go see music. eventually i became a snowboarder (but not really all that athletic), and much to roberta's surprise, i started to commute by bike (not when it was too hot...i wasn't stoked to get sweaty and ruin my hair).  the combo of snowboarding and riding a bike lead to actually wanting to get fit.  as things progressed i found that i wanted to do the things i watched roberta, ride, race.  i sucked at running and quickly gave that up, but with the help of another friend, i embraced cycling. i never aspired to be as good as a racer as roberta, but i thought i'd  give it a go.
i failed at road racing. i actually hated it.  but i loved riding my bike and soon learned that mountain bike racing is what fueled me.  it was hard, but it was really fun and so there i mountain bikes.
i did really well and quickly progressed my first few years.  it was tedious training work, but i felt on top of the world.  i was winning a lot of races, and at the same time, i met aaron.  life, quite frankly....rocked.
as anybody who would read this blog knows, aaron and i (at our advanced age), had a quick romance and marriage and subsequent pregnancy.  racing mountain bikes became a thing of the past....too much time required to compete and keep fit.
well. another kid later, a broken collar bone, a surgery, a 45th birthday...and here i am...trying to race again. 
the day before mother's day i jumped back into the competition...the furthest distance mountain bike race i had ever done. and very technical!  although i feel like i'm in decent shape, i don't want to dedicate the time to caring about where i place... i just wanted to get back out there and see if i still enjoyed the competition.  i did. i do.  it's fantastic. i gave what i wanted to at the race...i came out, i rode as fast as i could, i drank a beer, and i went home to do the best thing of all... be with my family.
the stats:
i was 16th out of 32 women, 40 years and older
i crashed. really super hard once and a few other times not so hard
i had to change a flat
the race took me 3 hours, 27 minutes.  i had hoped to do it in 3 hours. whoops.
i paid $75 to sweat and hurt and it was worth every cent i spent.
post race...we were all glad to be done!

true "the foot" erbeck

this kid loves soccer.  loves loves loves it.  after school every day, if there is no rain, he kicks the ball against the porch for at least an hour.  it's so fun to watch him play, he is so confident, even while playing with/against kids much taller and older.   we love that true has found his own sport to pursue, something completely independent of his parents!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

mom's day!

i love being a mom!  i never thought i'd say that...i never thought i'd truly embrace motherhood.  but i really think it's so awesome, and through parenting i have learned so many things to make me a better person (not just for my kids, but in general!).  i am more patient (ok, let's admit it, i finally HAVE some patience), i'm kinder, i'm also more fierce (depends on what is needed at the moment).  but one of the greatest gifts of being a mother is understanding my own mother, and having immense love and respect for her. being a mom myself has changed my relationship with my mother- all for the better.  i've always loved my mom, but it is now that i really get everything that she did for me, everything that she fought for, all the love that she so selflessly gave.  it's only because of her, that i am able to be so much for my own children. 
and here was my day, my fabulous, wonderful, full of so much love day...

morning starts with awesome norwegian pancakes from my awesome norwegian husband.  and the world's best cup of coffee (i swear, i can't wait to go to bed at night so i can wake up in the morning and have a cup of coffee made by the husband). 
and the loot from the kids and from aaron!
lovely earrings from a local boutique (i coveted these, the owner put a card into true's pocket one day with a note to aaron about them. smart lady), a g/c to an awesome bikestyle store, cards proclaiming lots of love, hand prints from luca, and (not pictured) a super cute bird house!
then luca and i were off to the coffee shop to hang out and eat doughnuts while true and dad worked on true's science fair project.  pictured below!
so cool!  i secretly hope true takes first prize, but it's not a contest, right?!
while true and aaron were putting finishing touches on the project, luca and i decided to go for  bike ride.  we headed to our favorite bike ride trail and park, took a lap (impressvie 3 miles for luca and i had to work to keep up with him).  we stopped to have fun in the park- it's so exhausting to chase him around and try and keep up, but kids have it figured out-  sliding and jumping and spinning and running and climbing really is great fun!
we came home, i napped (i love to nap),  and then back to green lake with the entire family-  the boys played soccer while i went to be a sunday grocery shopping mom. still, i love this too! i came back to pick them up and we ended up continuing the soccer game- true and mom vs luca and dad.  amazingly, the score ended being a tie.
back home luca amused us all while playing and singing along with neil young  (old man  take a look at my life, i'm a lot like you were)-  he has decided he wants to be a rock star and a bike racer and he's quite sure he can do both brilliantly.   i actually think he may right.
while luca sang, dad poured the champagne
and true made sure the table looked awesome for our dinner- flowers (not picked, but found from the ground so that he wasn't the one to kill the bloom), place mats, napkins...
hamburgers, kale salad, ice cream, champagne....such an awesome meal.  it's a privilege to parent these boys, and be a wife to aaron. 
(and as a post husband is so great because he was raised by a great woman...i sincerely thank kathleen erbeck every day of my life for having aaron, and for helping him to become the man with whom i will grow old).

Friday, May 10, 2013

breakfast club

we love this girl, who adores luca (who loves her right back).  they are great together and they look forward to seeing each other while waiting for school to start.  the day always starts with a hug- a perfect breakfast.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


luca helped to spin the kale dry, then proceeded to eat fistfulls

i'm aways amazed when my kids put away the veggies...they don't like them all, but they like a lot, and the ones they do they will eat monstrous portions. this, as opposed to my childhood, which consisted of carrots (raw) only until i was about 14, at which point i added in iceberg lettuce.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

from the front door

aaron had a spectacular adventure with our much loved neighbor, matt.  because of the wonders of modern technology, we were able to get updates and pictures from papa bear along his way.  the kids loved knowing where dad was and they took great pride in his adventure-  they told every neighbor that would listen that dad and matt were on mt. jupiter and sleeping outside without a tent (this kind of scared luca).
aaron came home with some really sore legs, some blisters, and the biggest smile that you have ever seen.  three days later, he's still smiling (and maybe still limping).  please take a moment to read matt's blog...his latest post, about this adventure and the preparation for more to come...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

my lovely, happy morning

such a lovely morning,  i rode bikes to school with the kids.  what a great start to the day- true and luca were both all smiles all the way there.  they are getting so good at riding!
luca and i took full advantage of our 15 minutes of alone time for good playground fun. he's pretty amazing on the big kid equipment, and he was sure to show me all the things that he can do better than his brother.  of course, true wasn't there to confirm it!

the log roller is really hard!  i couldn't stay on it for a second

nothing better than a stoked luca!

we walked to preschool with graham today

holy bike to school month!  i counted 30 bikes today!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

the roll

while i try to discourage the eye ball roll as a form of communication, true is really good at it,  something he says, that he learned from me. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
kids keep you honest.