Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Orcas Island training camp!

i was a little too busy riding my bike, taking hot tubs and enjoying bonfires to take any photos of our annual orcas island trip.   as always, it's a great time for adults and the kids.  i hardly saw my own children, who were off with their bestest friends, digging in sand, catching crabs, riding bikes, playing soccer, floating boats, hiking....on and on.  thanks to grandma and grandpa for making sure all kids stayed "in bounds"!  it was great to not be on patrol, and to just take time to myself.
we had three incredible days of riding, including one in which we took ethan, jaxon, true and luca on a mountain bike ride.  a real one!  with mud and drops and crazy roots and rocks and climbing and descending!  the boys rocked the 4 miles around the lake!  luca, with his one gear and super small wheels made his parents really proud.  the next generation of bike racers are well on the way!
luca, harrison, true (the head band is true's new affectation)

on the ferry, the group of kids (we kinda took over!)

trying to get everybody to sit still is always a challenge

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heidi said...

Tru is rockin' that headband. And speaking of rockin', check out Luca and his harmonica !