Monday, April 1, 2013

happy easter!

love and sunshine

 the easter bunny brought a little something for everybody this year...eggs and presents for the kids, sunshine and warm temps for everybody!  i do not ever remember having a 70degree easter...never.  i'm usually in rain boots, with a down parka.  instead i was in short sleeves, with sunscreen!   we were in need of the vitamin D!

luca really loved the learning how to write ABCs book

true really really liked his high school sized notebook to record organisms

true and luca are convinced they heard the easter bunny hopping around the house last night....but the clues about where to find their baskets that the bunny left on some foam easter eggs was suspiciously close to mom's hand writing. true even mentioned that the bunny was a little lazy just like mom, because both neglect to dot their I's (whoops). 
next up: the egg hunt at clark and vanessa's house with a big ton of rubi kids-

trying to hold still is hard!
really hard!

they are off to the hunt!

my easter boys

after a lovely afternoon at the rider house, we rode bikes to UW for Notkin's cherry blossom viewing party.
partly because it was easter, and mostly because it was sunny and 70,  the quad was packed with thousands of people.  we managed to find Notkin and his people, but we weren't long for the was an overload on some already tired out kids.  back home we went for more play time in the sunshine, ending with a really healthy meal in honor of our friend the easter bunny, perfecting suited for the likes of a rabbit. (seriously, the kids devoured every vegetable on that serving tray...wrap up a veggie in a fresh roll wrap and they will eat it!)

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hvk said...

happy easter, erbecks!! so glad you got some sunshine!