Monday, April 29, 2013

discovering at discovery park

while our spring temps might not be the same as the the keeling family's in PDX, we're still getting outside without having to be bundled.  our sunday hike started with a drizzle...but by the end we were all in short sleeves and getting some of that good vitamin D.  i had an awesome time with the kids on this long hike from the top of the bluff to the beach, then back up.  we chose to run most of it, even luca, and we finished off with sand sprints and handstands.  i can't say the handstands were any good, but we like trying.  

we found lots of fun forts and added to them

luca added the roof to this fort

running uphill is fun!

ahhhh the sunshine

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Kyle Jeffrey, Captain of The Ark said...

Hey folks

Are you selling a Vanagon? If so, been trying to get ahold of you.

909-633- Two Nine Three Nine