Monday, April 29, 2013

discovering at discovery park

while our spring temps might not be the same as the the keeling family's in PDX, we're still getting outside without having to be bundled.  our sunday hike started with a drizzle...but by the end we were all in short sleeves and getting some of that good vitamin D.  i had an awesome time with the kids on this long hike from the top of the bluff to the beach, then back up.  we chose to run most of it, even luca, and we finished off with sand sprints and handstands.  i can't say the handstands were any good, but we like trying.  

we found lots of fun forts and added to them

luca added the roof to this fort

running uphill is fun!

ahhhh the sunshine

Friday, April 26, 2013

spring fever

70 degrees in april?!  in the evening?! unheard of!!!!  but oh so welcome.  i think this is the earliest in the year EVER that we've ever gotten out for a greenlake picnic.  it was super fun because grandpa rode his brand new bike!

cupcakes after hamburgers

the new bike!

nothing makes a picnic better than beer

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

goodbye to a dear friend

david notkin, who was my boss..but more than that, a good friend... died on monday.  while it wasn't a surprise, it was a shock and i wasn't ready for the news.
david was a big advocate of family, and work/life balance, and he insisted on it for his staff.  family comes first. children are first.  work comes after that.  i spent 10 years knowing david and i have a million memorable stories, situations, jokes revolving around him.  he did so much for me and the erbeck family.  mostly, he was just a good human being..kind to the world.
when aaron and i first had true, who was born early, we found ourselves struggling with the mundane things of life, such as grocery shopping.  i remember a sunny day, true was a week old, and we went for a walk. on our way home, aaron and i talked about how we had no food in the house, we were hungry, and i didn't want him to leave me and go to the store.  i was terrified of being alone with all of that responsibility.
when we got to our doorstep, there was a bag.  in the bag, food. lots of it. prepared.  ready to eat. delicious, organic, yummy food.  it was from david.  i was so grateful for this simple gesture.  more than just giving my family nourishment, this taught me a valuable lesson about friendship- and how easy it is to be there for somebody, how much that can do for them.
in 10 years, it would not be the only time that david would save me.  sometimes, from myself.

i miss you friend. i miss you so much.  thank you for everything.  my life is filled with opportunity and many good things-  and a lot of this is because of you. i hope to see you in my dreams.

Orcas Island training camp!

i was a little too busy riding my bike, taking hot tubs and enjoying bonfires to take any photos of our annual orcas island trip.   as always, it's a great time for adults and the kids.  i hardly saw my own children, who were off with their bestest friends, digging in sand, catching crabs, riding bikes, playing soccer, floating boats, hiking....on and on.  thanks to grandma and grandpa for making sure all kids stayed "in bounds"!  it was great to not be on patrol, and to just take time to myself.
we had three incredible days of riding, including one in which we took ethan, jaxon, true and luca on a mountain bike ride.  a real one!  with mud and drops and crazy roots and rocks and climbing and descending!  the boys rocked the 4 miles around the lake!  luca, with his one gear and super small wheels made his parents really proud.  the next generation of bike racers are well on the way!
luca, harrison, true (the head band is true's new affectation)

on the ferry, the group of kids (we kinda took over!)

trying to get everybody to sit still is always a challenge

Monday, April 15, 2013

the entertainer

true is still ill, but grandpa is here to provide entertainment.  today, he is a puppeteer.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

race day

what a gorgeous, if a little cold, day for a bike race.  although true and i are both still a little sick, we packed up the family (grandpa too!) and headed to volunteer park for aaron's crit race. 

luca and grandpa were interested in the racing

true was interested in sleeping

all done and still smiling!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

eminent arrival of the tooth fairy

oh guess who has his first loose tooth?!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

out of africa

my little guy  may be ill, but he still has a big smile for auntie gayle, who brought him this super cute giraffe tshirt (all the way from africa!).  both luca and true really enjoyed hearing all about auntie gayle's big safari, and seeing super cool pictures of things like baboon butt (yes, the butt was a hit).

Monday, April 8, 2013

auntie gayle!

the boys (all the erbeck boys) counted down the days, hours, minutes, seconds until the arrival of much adored and loved, auntie gayle.   it was quite possibly the rainiest weekend since last fall, so much of our time was spent indoors.  i puttered around the house, the kids talked auntie gayle's ear off.  they built legos with her, they drew pictures, they had dance parties, they listened to all genres of music, they cuddled, they's very cool to watch the kids with their favorite auntie!

Monday, April 1, 2013

happy easter!

love and sunshine

 the easter bunny brought a little something for everybody this year...eggs and presents for the kids, sunshine and warm temps for everybody!  i do not ever remember having a 70degree easter...never.  i'm usually in rain boots, with a down parka.  instead i was in short sleeves, with sunscreen!   we were in need of the vitamin D!

luca really loved the learning how to write ABCs book

true really really liked his high school sized notebook to record organisms

true and luca are convinced they heard the easter bunny hopping around the house last night....but the clues about where to find their baskets that the bunny left on some foam easter eggs was suspiciously close to mom's hand writing. true even mentioned that the bunny was a little lazy just like mom, because both neglect to dot their I's (whoops). 
next up: the egg hunt at clark and vanessa's house with a big ton of rubi kids-

trying to hold still is hard!
really hard!

they are off to the hunt!

my easter boys

after a lovely afternoon at the rider house, we rode bikes to UW for Notkin's cherry blossom viewing party.
partly because it was easter, and mostly because it was sunny and 70,  the quad was packed with thousands of people.  we managed to find Notkin and his people, but we weren't long for the was an overload on some already tired out kids.  back home we went for more play time in the sunshine, ending with a really healthy meal in honor of our friend the easter bunny, perfecting suited for the likes of a rabbit. (seriously, the kids devoured every vegetable on that serving tray...wrap up a veggie in a fresh roll wrap and they will eat it!)