Monday, March 11, 2013

the long ride

squinting from all that awesome sunshine!

luca, very proud of himself for such a long ride

snack time for more fuel to make it home
true and luca think it's unfair that mom and dad get to go on bike rides where we are gone for hours, whilst their bike rides are not so long.  both of the boys keep bugging me to go for a really LONG ride, so with sunny weather and temps in the 50's,  i decided to honor their request.   we ended up riding about 8 miles, with a few stops for snacks.  the boys were very good riders, staying to the right, and generally avoiding the cyclists that were flying by (we were on the BG, a great in city trail for pedestrians and cyclists).  i ran behind the boys while they pedaled as fast as they could....and unexpected workout for me!  we ended our day with girl scout cookies and laying in the sunshine on our front lawn, waiting for dad to return from his big bike ride.  and now we truly have spring fever and can't wait to get out for some even longer rides.

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