Monday, February 11, 2013

going, going, going, gone......

what's gone from our lives?

1. nap time.  gone. luca says no more.  gonna miss this one for selfish reasons, but it does open up our weekends to be a little less structured.
2. kisses... to and from true.  (that is, in front of his friends).  he told me that it's just too embarrassing. sad. sad. sad.  but i get it. (luckily, luca gave me a big kiss and said whenever was fine with him).
3. shopping in the "toddler" section.  luca can wear a big kids sz XS. this is a surprisingly hard transition for me to make!
4. true's fuzzy blanket.  gone.  he's done with it.  he picked out a big boy blue striped fleece blanket.  his fuzzy, which was actually a "throw" on our couch, he appropriated at the tender age of a month...  it's been with him about every night since.. and now it is forgotten. laying in the closet.  making friends with dust bunnies.

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