Saturday, January 12, 2013

sunny day, everything's going my way

throw a little sunshine at a seattlite and they don't know what to do!  the kids were so excited to see the sun, but less than enthusiastic about the 28f temp.  it's kind of a cruel joke to a kid...sunny, but not warm.  cold, but not snowy.  i liked the sun today, even though it showed the dust layer in the house.  it was great to see the dust finally and get it clean!  we all needed the vitamin D,  even if we were in our puffy coats with hats and gloves.

luca and dad took the big dummy to a birthday party.  talk about arriving in style!  true and i played soccer in the parking lot until the game was ruined by an icy surface meeting a 6 year old knee.....ouch. poor kid!
i also took the opportunity to nap on the couch, bathed in sunshine.  true thought he'd read to himself...he likes his alone time.  he was quiet as a mouse....but i could hear him rustling around, clearly working on a project.  i woke up to this:

for those who need help with true's spelling, the signs says, "Make a cool picture, company! by True", and "you also can order a picture",  lastly, "stop here and pay real money".
i really got a kick out of it and we laughed together. i promptly ordered a piccher (picutre), and paid the fee (.02).
true then expanded his customer base by texting the piccher i took of his picchers to his grandparents, who promptly declined to pay .02, but thought 2.00 was a fair price.  true decided that was a good deal and accepted the commission.  at the time of this posting, the artist is still working on the piece.


Matt said...


To Blog or Not to Blog said...

Quite the entrepreneur!

GayleBer said...

Hey, wait, he's already working on commission?? Not fair! But incredibly adorable. I hope you'll post his work.