Thursday, January 31, 2013

winter concert

true's winter concert was tonight...and usual, i couldn't hold back the tears.  i just love watching all these awesome kids singing their hearts out.  or playing violin, or the trombone!, or the trumpet, the sax....etc.  and looking at all the so very proud parents.  lots of misty eyes, lots of warm hearts.  i really love it!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

luca love

my little man made this bracelet for me and aaron to share.  however, i have no intention of sharing it with anybody.

Monday, January 28, 2013

i have a dream....

in true's words.  his dream.

"that all people whad not smoke and litter"

Saturday, January 12, 2013

sunny day, everything's going my way

throw a little sunshine at a seattlite and they don't know what to do!  the kids were so excited to see the sun, but less than enthusiastic about the 28f temp.  it's kind of a cruel joke to a kid...sunny, but not warm.  cold, but not snowy.  i liked the sun today, even though it showed the dust layer in the house.  it was great to see the dust finally and get it clean!  we all needed the vitamin D,  even if we were in our puffy coats with hats and gloves.

luca and dad took the big dummy to a birthday party.  talk about arriving in style!  true and i played soccer in the parking lot until the game was ruined by an icy surface meeting a 6 year old knee.....ouch. poor kid!
i also took the opportunity to nap on the couch, bathed in sunshine.  true thought he'd read to himself...he likes his alone time.  he was quiet as a mouse....but i could hear him rustling around, clearly working on a project.  i woke up to this:

for those who need help with true's spelling, the signs says, "Make a cool picture, company! by True", and "you also can order a picture",  lastly, "stop here and pay real money".
i really got a kick out of it and we laughed together. i promptly ordered a piccher (picutre), and paid the fee (.02).
true then expanded his customer base by texting the piccher i took of his picchers to his grandparents, who promptly declined to pay .02, but thought 2.00 was a fair price.  true decided that was a good deal and accepted the commission.  at the time of this posting, the artist is still working on the piece.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

summer time rolls

i was feeling cold and sad and sorry for myself today (hello seattle winter, you sure are here).  then an awesome email popped into my box from kristin, who spent one of the last summer nights of 2012 with us at greenlake. she took a few pix of our fun little picnic and it made me smile and feel all kinds of warm.  kristin and her family have left seattle, and are truly living the dream.  we miss them, but are so happy for them! thank you for the pix kristin!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

More True.

true has decided that from now on he wants to fold both his and his brother's clean laundry and put it all away. i will not complain about the fold job one bit. i love this decision.
true has also decided that he will sweep the kitchen every night after dinner.  he does a decent job. another decision of which i will not complain.
i wonder what is going on here......

Thursday, January 3, 2013

bend it like erbeck

luca shows off his new soccer kicks (shoes)

true getting after it!

the boys!
thanks to our favorite auntie, both kids are enjoying winter soccer lessons.  this is luca's first round, and it seems like his skills are way above the kids he plays with...but because he is a newcomer, he has to take one full season at the current level.  he doesn't complain, other than some of the kids need some socialization skills (for sure!).  true plays with his buddies enzo, jaxon and ethan....and those kids are ruling the field.  they have gone from just swarming over the ball, to actually passing and trying to set up goals.  true is a great team player and he loves soccer more than riding a bike (eesh, did i say that out loud?).   he actually plans his soccer outfit weekly, the night before!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


it was a friday night.  i was feeling like i was finally coming down with the cold that had been plaguing luca.  i sniffled and knew i didn't feel like cooking. i needed a big bowl of steaming pho.  i went down the basement where the kids were playing with new christmas toys, and aaron was sneaking a nap.

i say: hey guys, anybody want to get a bowl of pho with me?  (my question was more of an announcement that they were on their own for dinner...)

aaron: (opens one eye, shakes his head in the negative, shuts his eye)

luca says: uhhh..... ya..... well.....not really mom. no thank you.

true thinks for a minute...then:  yes mom!  i'll get a bowl of pho with you!

oh yes, i was surprised!
then, the cherry on top....

true continues:  i was thinking just tonight mom, that i really wanted to eat pho.  i'm glad you suggested it.  i'm also glad to be spending time with you, i just haven't spend enough time with you today.

and then mother and son went to dinner and had an extra lovely time.  indeed, we needed that time together.