Thursday, November 29, 2012

so soon???

true says to me this evening at the dinner table............."Mom, I don't really think there is an Easter Bunny....and I'm not really so sure about Santa either."
i really want to hold on to the make believe just a while i didn't lie, but i didn't tell the truth, and just steered the conversation elsewhere.

Monday, November 19, 2012

mini chef

i've read many times over that involving your children in cooking dinner is a great way to get them to eat and to try different foods.  it took me a while to employ the just sounded too complicated and it would take too long.  but true and luca are both in this strange "help mom" mode, and have been asking to help with dinner.  the idea works....i give the kids real tasks, important tasks, and i try to be less controlling about how things go, and how much of a mess we end up cleaning.   they love it, they are doing a great job, and they really enjoy eating their own cooking.
friday night was all about making your own pizza.....shaping the dough, spreading the sauce, adding the toppings.  this dinner was all about them, their way!  we all had fun too.  and the mess was easy to clean with two little helpers to assist.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

my new crossfit partner

true has been asking me to to take him to my crossfit gym for a while.  of course i have always wanted to, but their kids program starts at 14 years old, not 6.5.  but a hero stepped in, one of my trainers, and told me i could bring true to the early, less crowded classes.  today was our inaugural work out and it was a blast!  kids really have amazing strength in such little bodies, and true was no different.  he loved our warm up, which included jumping like frogs across the gym.  he really loved that he easily beat me!  he also was able to throw the medicine ball,  do box jumps,  sprint the length of the gym and back, dead lift a kettlebell, and almost do a pull up, completely unassisted.   he worked out next to me, but did his own special WOD (workout of the day), created by our trainer, jim.  jim was awesome with true, and kept him motivated and safe.  i was slightly distracted during my own workout,  just so stoked to watch true nail his box jumps, front squats, dead lifts and sprints.
true says his favorite part of the work out was jumping up high and grabbing the kid pull up bar.  he also says that he can't wait to go back!!!!!
jim getting true set up for his WOD

a little front squat instruction

on his way to getting stronger!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Greenwood Elementary's salute to those who have served this awesome country.  We were pleased that True immediately decided to honor his grandfather, James Erbeck.   He colored the star with great pride and love.  Grandpa, we all salute you and thank you for all of your sacrifices.

Monday, November 12, 2012

the last of summer

summer left the boys in way of a haircut....luca's sun bleached locks were first to go, followed by true's moppy surfer bangs.  true, of course, still has white hair, but even it reflects the passing of summer and the hello to clouds and rain.  don't worry, it doesn't get the kids down, they love to play in the mud and ride their bikes no matter what the weather holds for them.  i use their enthusiasm to fuel my own motivation.  kids. they are truly keep me young.  or make me old.  maybe a combo.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Woodland Park MFG/Alki-Rubicon 2012

the kids have been counting down the days to the big annual team cyclocross race at woodland park.   they love this event because they get to be outside with the other alki-rubicon kids all day long, and because they get to race their bikes.  true has been saying for the past two weeks that he intended to win the race....and we've encouraged him to  do his best and just have fun.  there were sooooooo many kids and soooooo many parents all positioning themselves for photo ops, and to be available should something go wrong (it's rather overwhelming, and likely slightly terrifying for younger kids...gentle encouragement is the norm).  true and luca both lined up in the very front line- even though they do not have gears on their bikes (the race is divided to geared bikes, pedal bikes w/o gears, balance bikes).  the boys were "stoked" (yes, they said this) to have their friends ethan, jaxon, enzo,  and dave jr with them.  the gun went off and off they went, pedaling their little hearts out.  aaron ran next to luca, but true specifically requested no parental assistance (oh my little man is so growing up).  the kids were only supposed to complete one lap, but they were so fast that the race officials told them all to do another lap.  and when true finished that lap, he decided he needed another!  luca was so impressive (how many almost 4 year olds ride pedal bikes in the mud!), but happy to stick with two laps.  you know, of course, i cried.  aaron and i both feel lucky that are children are as passionate as we are about cycling....something so important to all of us.
the ford flex can fit a small army of children

odessa has had enough of the boy energy

getting ready with dave jr and enzo

start line.  screaming is great race prep

tongue hanging out, but still going strong at lap 2

true stands up to give it his all in his sprint finish

there is no stopping luca

all done and still smiling!

finishing his 3rd lap. and passing a few still working on their second lap.go true!

at the end of the race, true gave me a hug and said, "i might not have won mom, but i sure did my best!"  he was delighted with his race, as were we.  what can a mom say?  i so love my erbeck boys.

Friday, November 2, 2012

halloween 2012

the bald eagle costume was lovingly made by dad!

it was pouring rain and windy and stormy....but that did not stop my noble bald eagle and mighty lion king from collecting candy!  with all the excitement, the boys just couldn't wait and they got started before dark.  they have their favorite houses (jean and vern give out BAGS of candy) and they also wanted to get home to help me pass out candy to other kids.   the boys weren't out for too long before they came back, buckets half full, but little hands tired from the haul.  they sorted their candy, counted out 7 pieces each, then bagged up the rest to donate to those less fortunate.  luca may have been reluctant, but true assured him it was the right thing to do.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

the hired help

luca loves to clean.  he tells me every day that the house is a mess and he is going to clean.  and then he does.  he has started using the actual, for real vacuum cleaner.  so, he is actually, for real, cleaning!  using a real vacuum cleaner has taught him a very valuable lesson-  legos and small toys must not be left laying on the floor, or else they disappear forever. i love it.