Saturday, October 27, 2012

being boys

they were having so much fun that i just couldn't pull the plug on the fun.  at least luca had the good sense to put a helmet on his cute head.  amazingly, the game didn't end in tears.

Monday, October 22, 2012

halloween creepy

the boys insisted on breaking out halloween decorations over the weekend.  we've always had a "happy" halloween themed house, but this year, the kids have asked for "REALLY CREEPY MOM!!!".  ok, we'll do our best!
luca and his trusty hammer  (built by grandpa)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Greenwood Stars Jogathon 2012

True has been counting down the days to his jogathon since school started in September.  After getting a taste of the event for the first time last year, True came into this year with great focus.  He set a high goal for himself (30 laps), and begged Aaron and myself  to take him out training.  We did sprints, slow jogs, high knees, etc.....all in an effort to get to the 30 lap goal.  I thought the goal was a little high-  after all, last year he did 20 laps.  How was he going to add another 10 in the same time?  

Never doubt the determination of a first grader.  This was my lesson to learn.

I showed up at True's school a little early, before his run time.  I had the opportunity to cheer on some of the first graders from a different class.  I loved the enthusiasm of the kids and all of the parents that showed up to encourage them.  Community really is a powerful thing.

Next to the line was Mr. Lommer's first graders...True's class!  It was fun to see him...he was nervous, but gave me a quick high five and a hug.
As the kids got ready to go, Dad showed up!  yay Dad!  True was super excited to see him, and they ran some of the laps together.
True started out of the gate running with his friends at a full sprint.  After a lap, many of those kids slowed to a walk, but True settled in to a decent pace that he could keep for the full 20 minutes. Sometimes he went faster (to catch a friend), sometimes he went slower (around mid way through).  After they called the half way point, he started to speed up again...he had work to do!
At this point, Luca's preschool class came out to cheer him on too.  The entire family dedicated to the effort!
He did keep this smile on his face the entire time!
Mr. Lommers ran too!  True loved to sprint to catch and pass him.  It was a fun game to the kids.
True's running buddies, Charles and Emette
And all done!!!!!!  True was ecstatic when he learned he surpassed his goal of 30 by 7 laps!!!!!!

True's efforts landed him second place finish. I asked him about his 2013 goal, which he said would be 47 laps and FIRST PLACE!   As I finish this blog post True is getting his tennis shoes on, ready to start training again.....

Thursday, October 11, 2012

the disappearing erbecks

now you see you don't.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the cutest picture ever

no words needed really.

Monday, October 8, 2012

7 yr anniversary of my 38th bday

happy birthday to me!   we dressed the kids in nice clothes and took them to a fancy bistro, bastille, along with the eastside erbecks (lincoln AND nicola).  i told the kids that they had to be on their best behavior at the grownup, fancy restaurant...and they were...except when true loudly announced that it wasn't so fancy in there and more just "regular".  i'm not sure what he was expecting...maybe i'll ask him to draw a picture of fancy.  we ended the night with cupcakes at cupcake royale!


it's true for these boys....blondes have more fun!  the kids ran around the race venue for at least three hours, non-stop.  i was dizzy just watching them.
luca, true, and fellow rubicon rider, harrison

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


a gorgeous wedding weekend...with lots of "reflective" moments.  here my boys discuss family, marriage, duty, joy.