Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I did on my Summer Vacation

For summer vacation, we went to Tahoe!  We had loads of fun and did lots and lots of cool things.  There was hardly a minute to spare between all of our activities!

We did a lot of swimming and  in the gigantic and gorgeous Lake Tahoe and lots of sunning on various sandy beaches.....

We went for really LONG and steep hike, where we got to climb on big granite boulders

We even saw a tree that was over 400 years old (one of many)

At the end of our long and steep hike, we saw a castle!

We did some awesome mountain biking and we even saw a baby bear and her mom.  That made us really nervous so we got out of there pretty fast-like.

After a long and hot climb on our bikes up a hill, we found a totem pole

The totem pole inspired us to make our own live totem pole

Grammy took us crawdad fishing!

be free little guys, we don't want to eat you

we spied bats!

and we fed the blue jays, keeping them fat and happy

we ate lots of ice cream!  just about every day!  Luca preferred chocolate, True went for mint chip.

luca wore his ice cream too

we rode our bikes on the truckee river trail and stopped to throw rocks at the rafters (well, not really, but maybe on accident)

we walked along a sand bar out to a for real island that said we weren't supposed to be there, but we think it was probably ok.

we think Tahoe is quirky, but charming.  like this fence of skis!

so much activity left us pretty tired, but we insisted that Grammy read to us every night

thank you to Grammy and Grumpa for hosting us and playing with us and feeding us!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NCR 2012

our annual trip over the north cascade highway to winthrop is always a blast....and something we could not pull off without the grandparents.  thanks to both sets, and i wish i actually had pics of you to put into the blog!
we had some great highlights this year with quality mountain biking and a floating trip down the river (true was the only erbeck to go...with his friends and they had a blast).  next year if it is 100+ again, i'll be sure to float too!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

good morning mom

luca is usually first to wake in the erbeck house...and he jumps into our bed to start his chatter.  i'm usually half asleep and trying to shoe him away, but that rarely stops him.  and honestly, i'd be sad if he left.

Monday, August 6, 2012

pool party!

happy birthday to david jr, and thanks for having a super fun pool party and thanks to mr sunshine and mr. warmth for showing up too!  the boys were in the pool from 5pm to 9pm, with breaks for cupcakes and piƱatas. summer! yes summer!