Monday, June 25, 2012

school's out for summer!

i hope you sang when read the title of the blog.  and if summer ever happens this year, we'll all sing.
despite the rain, gloom, wind....we're pretty happy anyway!  true brought home the best report you can get!  straight 4's (the equivalent of A's).  this is an improvement from his straight 3's of his fall and winter report card.  his teacher had wonderful things to say about true and his involvement in class,  and his enthusiasm for learning.  i realize it is only kindergarten, but i think true has an amazing foundation on which to build.  we're very happy with his progress, and his school, and we are very thankful that he landed in a kindergarten class with such a dedicate teacher.   we are now the proud parents of a FIRST grader, and a PRESCHOOLER!
and as of today, true started his first day of summer camp, this week's theme is super heroes.  perfect!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

happy half birthday sweet luca!

it's only fitting that our super star sweet boy has his half birthday on the first day of summer,  the longest day of the year.  we love you so much luca wayne erbeck!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Greenwood Elementary Spirit Day

true's kindergarten class wore pj's for spirit day.  it felt kinda funny to send him off to school in what amounts to be his long underwear!  he has been counting down the days....just as if it were christmas.  he was that excited!  today was also the end of the year school bbq, and aaron was lucky enough to steal away some work time in order to enjoy a hot dog with true.  i'm sure true LOVED having his dad with him (we're still cool!).

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

spring season ends

while it is cold enough to be winter (what's up with that?!), true's spring soccer league had their final practice and game today.  the parents were invited to join, and it was kids vs adults.  the adults tried REALLY hard, but the kids kicked butt, 4 to 1, final score.  luca was super excited because they let him play too!  i actually don't think anybody gave luca permission, he just took his chance and once he was out there...there was no turning back.  thanks to tina and gabe for shuttling true from school to soccer every week, all spring.  you guys rock!!!
true and his coach jesse (the gentle giant), show their muscles

aaron played for the adult team.  AND LOST!

what can i say about gabe (enzo's dad)?!  enzo rocked the headband, and joe is a soccer phenom

Monday, June 4, 2012

touch a truck

i thought it would be fun to take the boys to the touch a truck event at the park.  crawling around a bunch of big trucks seemed like it would be big fun for everybody, so off we went.  and apparently everybody else in seattle  with a boy between the ages of 1 and 9 thought so too....because they were all there!  it was like being at disneyland on a saturday.  the lines to "touch" the trucks were 20 minute waits!  we waited in the cement truck line, then opted to just touch the outside of the rest of the trucks as 20 minutes was way too long for any erbeck to stand still.  despite the crowds, we still managed a really good time.  along with true and luca, we had enzo and david jr too, which made for great afternoon. 
the big cement truck...all the boys are in the cab jumping around

inside the ambulance


luca honks the cement truck horn and scares all of us!

enzo is a monkey.  how did he get up there????

Friday, June 1, 2012

inch by inch, row by row

true preformed last night in his school's music review.  why do these things make me cry?
it was cool to listen to first year strings, horns, flutes, clarinets-  then how much they improve in second year.  and of course, the best was true's kindergarten, singing a song about planting a tending a garden, a dedication to the parent volunteer who is leading the gardening program at the school.  we heart greenwood elementary, and all the cool things that true gets to experience and learn.
crank your volume and listen to true and his classmates sing!