Wednesday, May 30, 2012

lovely day

dad packed us up and took us on an adventure.  yay!  we ended up on the bainbridge island ferry, and drove to the bloedel reserve.  words (or at least mine) can not describe the beauty of this fantastic sanctuary.  we were so enamored, and so moved, that we ended up buying a membership.  the kids had fun, as we played cath with velco baseball mitts and tennis balls (awesome birthday present to true from UL, nicola, skylar) as toured the grounds and explored the many pathways.  every corner held another treasure, another unbelievable setting, another chance for us to be beholden to nature.  please go and see for yourself.  i'm guessing fall and spring are optimal.

Monday, May 28, 2012

happy 6th bday baby!

oh true, i can hardly believe you are 6 years old!  this has been an amazing year my son, and i'm so proud of you.  you are rocking kindergarten!  you have picked up reading and writing and math so easily.  and if that were not enough, you're art work is truly amazing.  i have really enjoyed this year with you, and  i love every moment of it.  of course you are taller, and just as good looking, and your athletic skills are off the hook! for real true,  you are a gifted soccer player.  i love the way you share with your little brother and your friends, and you think of others first.  you give thanks freely, and hugs and smiles and high fives.  so awesome.  i love you, i love you , i love !  hearts out my eyes.

Friday, May 25, 2012

pool party

as if we aren't busy enough with school, soccer and gymnastics, the kids are also in swim lessons!  both kids are in the same class at the mountlake terrace pool in north seattle.  the program there has rave reviews and high ratings for their kids swim program.  while i wasn't impressed at first, i've since changed my mind.  true and luca's instructor, adam, is great with the kids and he's pretty amazing with a group of timid little tadpoles.  true is the oldest, and should be in a different class as such, i insisted that he and luca swim together.  i did this because i knew that they would feel more comfortable together, and likely challenge one another.  sometimes it pays to be a pushy mom.
both kids are doing great in class and they are so excited every saturday to go try more things....they claim this week they'll be dunking their heads entirely under water (so far, just their faces).

they have come a long way.....thanks mostly to grandma erbeck, who toted them to private lessons for a week each (during their spring breaks), which got them over the fear hump and prepared them for group lessons.  i think it was best all around that i wasn't the one who took on that task!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Report Cards!

it was report card time for our wednesday night classes (soccer for true, gymnastics for luca).  both boys really love wednesday nights and love the sports they have chosen.
 watching true play soccer amazes me...he's the wiriest kid out there, but he's not afraid to jump in and get the ball.   he's getting very good at dribbling and kicking the heck out of the ball! he's a fierce competitor and i think he'll do well in team sports.
 luca listens to his instructor very carefully, and trys to do exactly what she tells him too.  his skills have improved immensely these past few months-  my favorite is his perfect, unassisted bat hangs (he hangs from a bar, brings his feet up to the bar and straddles, so his feet are outside of his hands, then swings).  so cool! luca's gymnastic skills will come in handy as he explores the world, in his very own luca-fearless way.

but i guess the best of all, for both, is that their coaches like them, and have written very nice things about them.  music to a mothers' ears.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday, BIG Fun Day!

dad's out of town, and mom needed to go for a bike ride, so sklylar came to babysit.  and as a bonus, the bull-baughs took the entire clan out to carkeek park to enjoy the low tide pools.  true tells me that they were all scientists for the day and they loved studying the marine wildlife.   i loved coming home from a bike ride to happy and tired kids, who loved just resting and getting snuggle time for the remainder of the evening.  super fun, but we sure do miss dad!
thanks john, karina, odessa, adeline, rubin and skylar!
making a bed for a snail and rolly pollies

skylar guiding luca and true to the tide pools

a starfish!
it appears that john is dad to 6 kids

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Being Mom

being True and Luca's mom is really super cool.  I just adore my kids, and love the sweet things that they make for me.  They were so excited and so proud of their work for Mother's Day presents.  I have prominently displayed each work of art in my office. Thanks True and Luca, for making me a mom. Thanks to my MOM for making me such a good mom.  Thanks to Aaron's mom for her contributions too!

this plate is a magnet, and it's on my whiteboard

i love this cheery tile that i use as a coaster for my coffee

Monday, May 14, 2012

last night party

gramps was all packed and ready to go back home to green bay, so we had to have a proper send off.  it just happened to be the biggest neighborhood party of the year, Art Up.  more than 10 city blocks of fun art work, bands, beer, wine, stuff for the kids.  and fortunately for Seattleites, it was WARM!  we had a great time cruising the hood, running into all of our favorite neighbors,  Matt,  and his lovely wife Jenny (who makes the best key-lime pie in the world).
our first stop was the Greenwood Library, with lots of sidewalk chalk to create our own masterpieces.
el gato by true!
we continued on to run into more neighbors, more wine (for mom), ice cream for the kids, cool cars for grandpa and dad.  such a great way to spend a final night with gramps.
we already miss you grandpa!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

poor wee luca

luca ended up one heck of a sick kid over the weekend.  he woke me at midnight on friday to ask for a washcloth.  i was pretty tired and didn't think much of it when i gave him one.  after i watched him go back to his bedroom, i thought better of it and went in to find out why he would need a wet washcloth at midnight.  sadly, the smell of his room spoke volumes to the situation....he looked at me and asked for help cleaning up his "cough up", which was really throw-up.  what a sweet kid...he was sick and trying to clean up his own mess.  i scooped in my arms and hugged him, and took him to the couch to sleep while i took care of his bed.  the next 5 hours were pretty sleepless, with several bouts of "cough up".   and through it all,  luca was sweet, and cuddly, and never cried once.  cleaning cough-up is never easy, but it sure is easier when your child thanks you for your effort ("momma, you really take such good care of me.  thank you momma.  daddy takes good care of me too.")
a sweet moment in sickness as luca finds the sleep he so badly needed