Monday, October 31, 2011

oh so scary

nic, sky, UL were over to help us carve pumpkins.  the kids liked scooping goop, but that's where it ended.  the front lawn decorations were chosen and placed by true.  we are so ready for halloween!

yes, aaron is the one who made the Rainier beer pumpkin

Friday, October 28, 2011

big mouth

the kids wanted to see who had the biggest mouth (yes, here we are at a restaurant...good thing we were the only ones!).  and in case you were wondering, true does have a black eye, compliments of  luca.  probably the first of many to come.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

call me luca

i'm always making up and calling the kids silly names.  monkey-butt, grasshopper, little bunny rabbit, pumpkin muffin...just to name a few.  there is no significance,  sometimes it's just the first thing i get out of my mouth.  last night i called luca "my little butternut squash".   he stopped and looked at me, put his hands on my face, kissed me, then with great intention said, "call me luca". 

Monday, October 24, 2011

auntie gayle's visit!

the erbecks  had fun this weekend with auntie gayle's visit!  the boys just adore auntie gayle!  sitting up in bed this morning, rubbing his eyes, luca said, "is my auntie gayle still here?"  she was, and after a hearty breakfast, we sadly said our goodbyes until the next time.
a family clan green lake walk!

grumpy faces...but finally a smile from true

having mastered the scoot, luca is ready for pedals

sky, nic, pot roast the wonder dog

more pumpkin patch


Friday, October 21, 2011

Greenwood Elementary Jog-a-Thon!!!!

true has spent weeks getting ready for the PTA fundraiser, the jog-a-thon.  he has been training for the timed 20 minute event quite rigorously-  lots of running around the block (with his brother pacing aside him on the scoot bike), lots of sprints, lots of high knees, lots of butt kicks (sprinting, high knees, butt kicks are essential training exercises to increase speed and endurance, plus they make the time go by faster).  true also collected pledges for his jog-a-thon (thanks readers who pledged!),  and had a goal of running 10 laps. 
this morning, day of the big event, we ate carb-loaded breakfast and talked about what clothing would be good to wear.  true thought most people run in sweat pants, but since he didn't have any, he'd just run in his long johns.  i countered that he should wear sweat pants and then produced  brand new blue, fleece lined track pants, in his exact size!  he was so excited! (as was luca, when he also got a band new pair of track pants in his size....can't leave out wee luca!).
aaron took the morning off to go watch true run and cheer him on.

aaron must have been a great cheer leader, and all that training really paid off.....TRUE COMPLETED 25 LAPS!  more than double his goal!!!!!!  sponsors, get you check books out and transfer funds as necessary!

true chose a goal, he trained in order to meet his goal, then he surpassed it.  i am one extremely proud mother.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

you gotta have heart....all really need is heart....

grandpa erbeck had some scheduled maintenance for his heart-  the kids were quick to turn the event into an art project. they spent a great deal of time decorating a string of hearts for gramps, to hang in his hospital room.  the little erbecks were enthusiastic and rather prolific heart builders so  i felt a little badly for grandma, who had the task of hanging them.  true actually drew and cut some of the hearts himself, while luca proudly decorated many of them with fish, because he knows grandpa likes to fish.  

Monday, October 17, 2011

pumpking patch 2011

cool year for the pumpkin patch with creative kids preschool!  true happened to also have the day off from school, so he came along with us.  he also got to spend the morning at preschool with his brother.  the boys were pretty excited about being together again, although true proclaimed that kindgergarten is more fun.  we were actually relieved when we heard this.....up until that day, we'd only heard about how he thought he should be back at preschool with luca.  of course good news can always be a double edged sword, with luca deciding he was going to kindergarten with true, and pretty upset when we told him that it was not to be.   oh wee luca, he always feels like he's getting left behind.

emma, camila, logan, ms colleen, luca, noah

these guys still take care of each other!

colleen, one erbeck grad, one erbeck student

little goats were super sweet!

true and luca think we should have a pet goat

Thursday, October 13, 2011

winthrop wedding weekend

the first weekend of oct, we had the good fortune to attend the wedding of our friends, heidi and jim.  they are on our cycling team, so it was perfect that they chose to have their wedding at sun mountain lodge, which has a ton of great mtb trails!  the place is absolutely the most gorgeous setting for a wedding, and their day was perfect.  the erbeck boys looked so handsome, i was beside myself with love and admiration.
watching the ceremony

lincola and us

we matched in black and blue


erbeck dance

erbeck dance

more crazy erbeck dancing

Monday, October 10, 2011

team erbeck in training

i now have the best partners when i go for weekend runs.  we might not get a lot of miles in, but we sure remember to have a good time!  i think we covered about four miles on saturday, mostly downhill, and guess who got stuck carrying the little one back UP the hill and all the way to the car?  it was my pleasure.