Thursday, September 29, 2011

kindergarten art

true's art teacher let me know that he is absolutely brilliant.  she whispered this in my ear at open house.  it's like she was afraid to say it out loud.   i beamed.  and almost cried.
look how far true's artwork has come in the last year!
i love the smile!

and remember this one?
(i promise the next post will be about wee luca!)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

to the rescue!

the kids put these outfits together, by themselves, after watching real live firemen put out a neighborhood fire. complete with backpacks, hoses, and helmets,  i'd trust my life to these boys.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

casting call

we thought perhaps we would get away without having to get the cast....but nope, doctor's orders call for the cast on until oct 31.  true was pretty bummed about it, so much so that he didn't even want to pick a color for the cast (blue, green, pink, purple, gray).  so i picked for him and then later he says he really wanted blue, and was surprised that i didn't pick a blue one for him!   and here i was, trying to think outside the box.  we've decided to keep the cast art/signature free for a while...but i'll bet he comes home with a bunch of signatures today.

Friday, September 23, 2011

double whammy

i was frantic when i got the call while riding my bike to pick up true...i knew it was his school calling.  they told me true fell off the monkey bars and was pretty bummed out and was asking for me to get him.  no problem, i was only a few blocks away.  i had sense enough to stop and get the car.  when i got to true,  i knew immediately he as in great pain.  he was silent crying, which for true, means he really is in pain.  he jumped up to run to me and collapsed in my arms.  his entire body was heaving as he was sobbing and when i got a look at his wrist, i knew we had to make a trip to the ER.  within two minutes of buckling true into his carseat, he was passed out.  i wasn't sure if this was a good sign, or a really bad sign, so i kept grabbing his foot and talking to him.  he'd wake for a second and then right back to a deep slumber.  the 20 minute drive seemed like forever!
ER was pretty full of coughing kids and likely broken boned kids, but they took us first for some reason. yay!  we were third in line for x-rays, during which time they examined his entire body and asked many personal questions.....all to ensure true was not a victim of abuse.  i found this slightly traumatic, but i understood, and fought back the tears as i answered each horrible question.
true managed to lighten the mood by requesting books, rather than TV,  while we waited.  the nurses found this rather charming and there was no shortage attention!
 the x-rays revealed what we already knew-  two fractures, his ulna and radius.  fortunately, the breaks were well behind the growth point and pretty clean.  they would not have to set the bones and we could go home with just a brace, to be casted next week.  hooray!
two days later, the pain seems to be subsiding, and true is learning to be very careful with his arm.  he's not exactly happy about the situation, but he's enjoying the extra attention, and the ice cream he gets to eat!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Class of 2024

True's first day of kindergarten was not without tears, but those were of his parents.  True was great- perhaps a little nervous when he got there, but I think he ended up having a great day.  He rode his bike all the way there, and then after school rode all the way to pick up Luca and then home.  This was the furthest he had ever gone, proving what a big boy he is.  We are so proud of our first born!
lunch box, complete with a mushy love note from mom

riding up the hill!

walking into Mrs Schumacher's class, room 102!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

what i did on my summer vacation

what i didn't do, is take any pictures!  i have no camera right now, and my cell phone died 3 hours into our trip!  c'est la vie, you'll need to take my word for it, we had a blast!
first up..Portland!  with our dear friends the keelings.  they had a busy weekend already, and were so nice to let us hang there for a few days.  we played in the park, rode bikes, and just lounged around on the awesome front porch.  
oh and looks like i lied...i did have one picture from vaca, georgia and luca!  luca loves georgia!

next up, a 5 hour car trip to ashland OR, where we stayed the night (aaron had to go back to seattle, so it was just me and the kids!).  the kids were champs in the car, and true was great at sleeping in strange places.  luca, however, would only sleep in my sweet as it was, it made for some restless nights.

after ashland, it was another 7 hours to yerington NV, where my mom and jay live.  again, the kids were awesome in the car, with very little arguing, and lots of singing.  whenever i stopped to get them out of the car, they insisted on getting back in to soldier on.  we were oh so happy to get to mom's, where the cool grass and lots of hugs and kisses waited for us.  the kids got hair cuts, we went to a party, and played endlessly in the sprinklers.
next on our agenda...TAHOE!  which was the real goal!  just a short 1.5 hour drive from mom's, Tahoe City is my home away from home.  i was raised on the south shore, but i feel like i belong wherever it is that i am in tahoe.  my heart swells with the first sight of the lake, and i even shed tears.  this type of reaction was not limited to first sight....i also cried everytime i rode my mountain bike.  i was that happy! 
we had such good times, every day!  the kids managed to get tans (yes, tan!), they swam in the lake and played daily at the community park.   you could not wipe the smiles off our faces!
one of our tahoe highlights was sharing the weekend with the bartholomews (my brother, sister-in-law and 4 boys!).  it's been a long time, and they are all so grown up.  the cousins all got along great, even the teens managed to share some laughs.
david, karl, gabriel, tracy, mom michael, luca, caleb, true
the kids eventually decided it was time to go back to seattle, although true asked if we could live in tahoe on one side of the street and seattle on the other.  oh, if only!
the car ride home was without issues, and the cloudy arms of the northwest welcomed us just south of ashland.  of course.