Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NCR 2011

notice the ring on the all important finger?
both sets of grandparents made it out for our annual bike ride from newhalem to winthrop. we really could not make this trip year after year without them!  my parents have driving our stuff over and offering support along the way for 10 years!  joining us for the last 5 years has been aaron's mom, and now this year, aaron's dad!  it's fun to have the entire family on such a fun trip, and every year is different, and every year is fun.  the kids have a blast camping and playing until late at night with all of their alki-rubicon little people friends. naptimes were non-existent and sugar was popular on the menu.  but hey, we're on vacation!
an early morning, pjs are best

our faithful truck, buck

great pizza at north 20 in winthrop

a couple of Riders, not just riders

luca found the sprinklers.  good thing mom always packs extra clothing

couple of erbecks

riding the big dummy, gorgeous winthrop day


uncle henry, the awards ceremony, his 60th bday speech

the stonichlers know how to cook for camping

winthrop sky

more pizza, a side of love

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

boat ride!

my boss, hank, took our family out for a boat ride on lake washington.  it was such a great evening- slightly overcast yet warm, the water was calm.   getting from the west side of the lake to the east takes forever in a car, but hank made short time of it in the boat!  we docked in kirkland, grabbed some greek food, and ate on the shore.  the kids had a great time, and now are talking non-stop about boating (ie, mom, let's buy a boat, and hey, mom, let's ask hank to invite us onto his boat again, etc).
my boss, hank

going fast, wind in our hair

BIG houses over there on the east side

ronit and hank, as we pull back into hank's dock

Monday, August 8, 2011

more true-isms

true says (while looking in the mirror):  hey mom, i am for sure, the CUTEST erbeck. but you are for sure, the CUTEST mom ever made on this planet in the world.

(sorry, can't help  but blog these things...)


i am always amazed at how much time can span between visits with enzo...but how it never affects how much these two love to each other.

and then there's luca, who always manages to find the girls....

Monday, August 1, 2011


i love the things my kids say...like this morning.  true says:

"mom, i love you today even more than you love yesterday the day before like tomorrow."
"well...uhm...i mean, i...uh...love....uh...oh mom, i  love you so, so much."