Sunday, June 26, 2011

slumber party!

ethan and enzo on top bunk, jaxon and true bottom bunk
true is such a big boy, that he now goes to slumber parties!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

daddy's bike ride

aaron took a much needed day off (during the week!) to go on a big bike ride with some of his rapha friends (complete with a ghost town and a wood planked bridge).  looks like this is a ride i'll have to do for myself!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

dad's day card

true's frog is red, with great purpose, as there are red frogs in the rain case you didn't know (true will proudly fill you in on all things  rain forest).

Monday, June 20, 2011

happy half birthday luca!

in light of luca's unfortunate birthday position on the calendar, we have decided that he gets two parties every year....and today is his half birthday!   happy HALF birthday luca!  i'm excited to have chocolate peanut butter cupcakes with you tonight, and a dinner party in the van (his choice!).

Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy daddy's day aaron!

we super love you!  i had to repost this picture, as it's just so perfect for father's day and trust, and a moment belonging only to a dad.  you do such a good job erbeck!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

we heart bikes!

Monday, June 13, 2011


oh how we love portland!  when the keelings moved back to portland, we were so sad.  the only thing good out of that (for us anyway) is that now we had the best reason to go to portland again, which we did this past weekend.  it was an adventure! 
aaron packed the car with everything we own and the kids and left on friday night.  i had plans to ride up johnson ridge with a few friends on saturday,  and from there i would continue to portland to meet up with the family.
AM and Karen, who selflessly changed their schedules to work with mine!
the ride up to the ridge was awesome-  more than 6,000 ft of climbing, cool and overcast with periods of sun breaks.  while that weather pattern might be annoying in june when we're all ready for sunshine, it is perfect for riding long miles with sustained climbing.  there was never a chance to over heat!  i just love this bike ride, and saturday was no different. the road is smooth, the pitch is great, the scenery is epic.

after the ride, anne marie and karen dropped me at the centralia trainstation where i had two hours to kill.  i did so at the conveniently located olympic club, with a sunny and warm seat on the back patio, accompanied by a few beers.  it was relaxing!
two beers into my wait....

a few hours later i'm in portland at the keelings, the kids are already in bed, and heather, greg, aaron and myself are enjoying the mild evening on the awesome front porch of the keeling home.  we could have easily talked into the wee hours of the morning, but we knew the kids would likely be up early, so best to get some sleep.

the next morning we at greg's yummy french toast, then got the kids on their bikes to the park.  it really is hard to explain how awesome it is to watch the keeling and erbeck kids ripping around on the wheels, playing together, thoroughly having a blast.  we felt warm with good fortune!

after nap time it was off to watch aaron tackle the mississippi street crit.  it rained a bit on and off, but never enough to dampen our spirits.  the race was FAST and crazy and made me so nervous, but as usual, aaron raced smart and kept himself safe.  it was great to keep hearing his name announced, along with our team name!  i'm certain if aaron had some teammates in the race with him, he would have won, but it is so hard to do anything on your own.  as it was, he pulled off a top ten finish!
keeling and erbeck kids seeking refuge from the rain

we ended our stay with take out from one of our fav portland eateries, justa pasta.  sadly we packed up the car and said goodbye to emmett, magnolia, georgia, heather and greg.  we're already thinking of excuses to see them again. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

tick tock, the haircut time clock has sounded

as much as i hated to admit it, the time had come for luca's first haircut (technically his second, but i can't really count the small mullet trim i gave to him at one year old).  i  loved luca's blonde wavy hair, but it really did contribute to his scrappy look.  your kid can have a stain or two on his t-shirt and some dry jam on his face as long has his hair is neatly coiffed.  the long hair though...that just tips the scales towards the unkempt side.
so, under strict instruction from aaron, i took luca in for his first haircut.  poor nicola, whom i convinced to do the honors...  she was hesitant, but agreed, and she did such a great job (in record time)!   i can't say luca was stoked. but in general, he was cooperative.  and now look at my handsome little man.
luca pre hair cut. look at that lovely hair!

and after....he's only crying because we were all staring at him.  he looks like his uncle now!

he just wanted me to hold him, but look how sweet he looks!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5 yr check up

we had true's 5 yr check up today and it was fun!  no shots!  just lots of talking about how things are going.  i'm happy to report that true does not have to go back (unless needed) until he is 7 yrs old!  this was good enough for true to jump up from his chair, give a karate kick and a then a quick karate chop.  it was the most animated i've ever seen him while visiting doc osborn.  true's growth charts changed in a tall way....he's now up at the 75% for height, but still rather slim.  i don't think it's a bad thing, as long as he keeps eating broccoli like he does.  as usual, all the nurses gathered around the kids (i had luca there too) to ooh and ahh over how well behaved and cute the little erbecks are.  i think it's sweet of them, and the boys love the attention, even it they hide behind my legs.

Monday, June 6, 2011

warm summer day

such a rare event....and our first day at 75degrees this year.  we HAD to take full advantage!  aaron saddled up the big dummy with kids, i pulled the trailer with their bikes and our lunch.  our goal was to make it to seward.  but we only got as far as the arboretum when aaron (thankfully) said we had gone far enough.  we had a lovely lunch, the boys had fun exploring, i had a nice nap.  it was, in my opinion, a perfect day.