Friday, May 27, 2011

True at Five

happy birthday true!   i feel like your birthday is a celebration for all of us...with your birth, i became a MOM, your father became a DAD, lincoln became an UNCLE, and your grandma and grandpa became GRANDPARENTS (grammie and grumpa already were, grandparents, but still just as excited)!  we celebrate you  and how awesome you are, the joy and challenges you bring us.  true, you ROCK!
true, zoran, luca, riley, emma at the zoo!

t-rex was really big and scary, but true was brave

opening presents with help from luca

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boys and Ice Cream

last friday was one of the warmest days of 2011 (and there have been so few!).  how fortunate that it happened to be on "bike to work day", which the community of ballard really gets behind.  they closed off a street and set up bike parking and a bunch of bike vendors.  the interest for us was biking there with the kids (on the big dummy) and meeting up with the rider family for dinner and gelato.  the four blonde boys were really cute leaning up against the wall and eating their cones.  there were many smiles from those passing, laughs, giggling, and even a few ladies who stopped to take their picture. 
strawberry, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

i guess it is time for a haircut...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the big dummy

no, i'm not referring to my husband, nor is this something my children have called either one of us.  the "big dummy" is aaron's new project....and of course, it is a bike.   he's outfitted this thing to carry the kids, and as you can tell, they are pretty stoked about it.   thanks to matt alford for the great pic.  check out matt's blog too!
Front Door Adventures

Friday, May 6, 2011

sunny spring day

when aaron takes a day to go off racing, i usually refrain from all work and just concentrate on the kids.  this means we go find some fun and end our day with a trip to tutta bella (you can't beat the happy hour pricing).  i feel kinda guilty about it, but i also really love my time with the kids, so my guilt is short-lived.

true is slightly horrified by the mother earth celebraton

watching seattle hippies celebrate mother earth

mhhhhhhhhhh gelato

we love each other!

super happy warm night!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


true was so very brave at the dentist office today.  after a few warm up minutes and my discussion with the hygienist to speak to my child using her normal voice and to treat my son like the mature 5 year old that he is, we were set for smooth sailing.  xrays- check. cleaning teeth- check.  fluoride treatment- check.  praises from dr.rothwell about what a fabulous brusher true must be to have such pefect teeth- check.  we brought luca with us, so he could get comfortable with the process before his first appointment coming this winter.  luca was quite curious, and happily announced he loved candy (cringe), while true announced he loved broccoli best (smile).  by the end of our hour both kids had turned on the charm button and proceeded to enchant the entire staff.  i really love that my kids can make strangers smile.

Monday, May 2, 2011

JCrew True

hey JCrew, I have found your next top model.  Payments made to me, thank you.