Thursday, April 28, 2011

easter 2011 (to round out spring events...)

another fantastic easter brunch at the bullbaugh home, complete with egg hunt, lots of sugar, some insane baked french toast, quiche, coffee, get the idea.  the alki-rubicon kids had a blast filling up their baskets, and despite the rain, we all managed to have a great time!
odessa, luca, adeline, petra, finn, harrison, true (and that's not all of 'em)

luca loved looking for eggs, and true made sure his brother had a full basket

petra and odessa

karina and me!  i was the only one with an umbrella. LOSER!

oh true...he is growing as fast as the grass!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


i'm so fortunate to have spent the last 16 years going to peter and jan's for seder dinner.  we don't have a lot (or any) religious tradition or ceremony, so i look forward to the seder, with  hebrew, songs, food, readings.   i love that i take my family, and they are exposed to something different, something with history, something sacred.  this year was of particular note with the grandma erbeck attending, and true and luca participating in the ceremony.  we practiced for weeks, and the kids may have been a little bashful, but they pulled through and made us proud.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Orcas 2011

a month has gone by since our annual training camp trip to orcas island, but here is some photo proof.  we had good luck (caught a friday ferry that many missed) and bad luck (missed the noon return ferry that many made), but overall, i'd say it was a great year!  the big difference was our cabin (fancy #8) with the front room and the sound of gentle puget waves.  another milestone difference was how little we saw of luca and true.  they were always off to another cabin, hanging out with kids their age, and not missing us one bit.   they are so grown up!
true's almost 5

a whole bunch of blonde rubi kids

as usual, skylar is every little girl's best friend


the awesome view from the lookout point, 2/3 up the Mt Constitution climb

the view from lovely cabin 8

killing time, lots of it, before the next ferry

luca,no rain boots,  instructs true where to stomp his feet in the deep puddle

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


my nephews.  wow. it's been too long since i've seen these guys!  the three younger ones were all blondes as children.  i wonder if my own kids will end up with brown hair too (likely!).

and here they are, 6 years ago.  they are the ones with white shirts!  what a difference