Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not to Be.

we have fortunately found a great home for circuit hambone.  he really needed companions that could dedicate more time to him, and that could appreciate his exuberance.  this was sad for us, but the right thing to do.  for the first time ever, true experienced real heart break.  he cried, not hysterically, but softly, with a quivering lip, and a questioning look in his eyes. he was searching for reasons that made sense to him.  it was difficult to explain, but more difficult to see his tears.  because luca is still a little young to comprehend  everything, he just said, "cirucit gone. yep, gone.  goodnight". 

the really great news is that circuit was adopted by skylar's dad, which means he's still part of the family! mike, skylar, christy and the wonder dog thor, came over to check out circuit.  in a matter of minutes, it was clear and circuit and thor were a match made in heaven.  they played and played and played, while i started to pack circuit's belongings.

the story couldn't have had a happier ending. 

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Nicola said...

Circuit is loving his new pack. Thor has already lost weigth because they play together ALL DAY LONG!!!
Old man Pax Bear even loves Circuit. So much that he let's Circuit sleep on top of him.
It was all meant to be. Thanks Erbeck's for bringing Circuit into all our lives!