Monday, January 31, 2011

my little picassos

i just love the direction that true's artwork is taking....he often brings home happy, sunny, brilliantly colored masterpieces that make my heart warm.  his teacher and the parents of his friends are equally impressed, and often compliment him on his work. 
true's double sunny day                                                                                                                               

Luca's subjects may not be as complex, but there is beauty in simplicity, yes?!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not to Be.

we have fortunately found a great home for circuit hambone.  he really needed companions that could dedicate more time to him, and that could appreciate his exuberance.  this was sad for us, but the right thing to do.  for the first time ever, true experienced real heart break.  he cried, not hysterically, but softly, with a quivering lip, and a questioning look in his eyes. he was searching for reasons that made sense to him.  it was difficult to explain, but more difficult to see his tears.  because luca is still a little young to comprehend  everything, he just said, "cirucit gone. yep, gone.  goodnight". 

the really great news is that circuit was adopted by skylar's dad, which means he's still part of the family! mike, skylar, christy and the wonder dog thor, came over to check out circuit.  in a matter of minutes, it was clear and circuit and thor were a match made in heaven.  they played and played and played, while i started to pack circuit's belongings.

the story couldn't have had a happier ending. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

to be or not to be (our dog that is)

i hesitated to blog about this, but have come to realize that no matter how the story ends, it is a chapter in our lives and needs documentation.
almost five years ago i lost my faithful companion, my best furry friend, cooper, to old age and cancer.  he had so many behavior issues, but was so loving and protective of me, that i found i never wanted to go anywhere without him (and rarely did).  it was hard to not have him, but for the best, since we were about to have our first baby, true mccaig.  cooper would not have done well with a baby in the house.
then, two years ago, we lost aaron's faithful compainon, his best furry friend, lucy, to old age and cancer. during aaron's years as a young bachelor, lucy was by his side for all adventures. they truly had an incredible dog/human bond, and saying goodbye was difficult for all of us. it had been 13 years for both aaron and myself that we had a dog, so lucy leaving left a pretty big hole.
since then,  aaron and i have been talking about our next dog, what breed we would like, when we would get one, etc.  we agreed on what type of dog we wanted, and we discussed a timeline that would put true old enough to clean up after the dog and walk the dog on his own.  based on that, it would be another two years before i started searching.
i saw his picture and emailed to aaron.  i thought aaron would lecture me, but instead, he said, "cute dog"!  that set my mind racing and next i was making plans to meet him at PAWS.  things snowballed and next i know, we are all in the car racing to get to the shelter before it closed to meet little "hamlet".  we were late and hamlet had a hold on him for possible adoption by one of the shelter volunteers (too me, this could only mean that the dog was awesome....if a volunteer who probably saw dozens of dogs a month, wanted to adopt him, he must have a lot going for him).  we did get to go to his kennel and scratch his little wiggly but as he eagerly leaned into our hands.  my heart started melting.
the next day i couldn't stop thinking about could i convince aaron we needed this dog?  while i was thinking about that, aaron send my a message saying that he couldn't stop thinking about hamlet!  we quickly made a plan to leave work early, pick up the kids and get to the shelter as soon as we could.
next thing i know, we take a family vote and then we have a dog in the back of our car and aaron and i look at each other in did that happen?!  (it should be noted that luca had the only dissenting vote, summing up his opinion with "no dog mama.  no dog.  come!  come mama, dada, true, come.  time to go.")
but here we are, with a dog, affectionately named "cirucit hambone erbeck", by aaron.  it's fitting, seeing that the dog runs laps around the house.  he is exceptionally good, and everything we want in a dog....but, we (aaron and myself) are finding that we might not be ready to have a new anchor in our lives.  we are not 100% in either direction (to be or not to be) but we are happy that we rescued a dog, and we know it may not be our home, but circuit will have a good home.  we'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

taking time

Warning- guest blaaaagr!
We were fortunate enough to received a little snowfall on Monday morning and it was exciting to watch it out the windows as we ate and got dressed. Deciding work and school could wait, the kids got a lesson in catching snowflakes.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

a winter walk

dad announced it was family walk day in the arboretum.  with temps hovering at 35, i was skeptical about what the kids what think.  but, of course, they loved it.  you can see photos of us from last year at some of these very locations!  what a difference a year makes.....

come dada! come on (luca says!)
"these are for just seeing stuff mom.  just anything really that i want."

awwwww hugs!

for our friend magnolia

daddy's arms are best

Monday, January 3, 2011

nicola's blog

it's always so fun to see pictures of your kids on another please do catch up with nicola's to see more of what the erbeck boys have been doing.
Nicola's blog

Sunday, January 2, 2011

singing in the new year

the boys have been singing about santa, frosty, bells, rudolph for a good month.  luca gets it and garbbles along...while true corrects the rest of us when we forget the words.   i'm pretty amazed that he has amassed such an large song repertoire and he can carry a tune (something neither his father nor myself can do!).  here's a little picture ode to the boys, singing songs and being silly (excuse the cell phone pic quality!).

project boat

true loves projects.  he talks about them all the time.  he really likes to accomplish projects as a team...with somebody else to guide him through the tough parts.  aaron, keen to true's passion, bought him a build-andd-paint-yourself boat for christmas (this only screamed of MESS and FRUSTRATION to me, but what do i know?). 
the completed boat pictured below had nothing to do with me, but everything to do with skylar.  she lent her project management and build/paint skills one long morning and voila, a cute little boat that true adores.  aaron assisted in a final coat of waterproof sealer, and true is the proud owner a very cute wooden boat, sea worthy of any ocean crossing.