Tuesday, November 16, 2010

good grief charlie brown!

i've been forcing true to watch charlie brown holiday cartoons since he was a year old.  it's a big dose of nostalgia for me, and until the past year or so, true never really "got it".  he does now and he laughs heartily at the appropriate times.  it's fun to see which scenes make him laugh, like this one, with snoopy making toast for thanksgiving dinner.  true thought a dinner of popcorn and toast sounded pretty good and he was surprised that linus, franklin, sally, lucy, marcie, and pepermint patty were dismayed at the lack of turkey.  i've also spied true tappng his foot and moving his head to vince guaraldi's piano soundtrack....the music sends me way back to my childhood, sitting on the brown scratchy couch in front of our TV with the broken knob (thanks to me and my brother...over and over and over).  i loved being cozy in my pjs and dreaming of the holiday.  i hope that true feels the same way, and i wonder if he'll share charlie brown with his children.

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