Saturday, November 27, 2010

True's camera

Warning: Guest Blaaagrrr
True received a camera for Christmas last year from Grandma & Grandpa. Like most toys, His interest ebbs and flows but this stout little child's camera consistently appears at key events. It has only a few buttons and makes fun beep sounds, even when deleting photos. I recently realized when the kids were scrolling through photos in the little display screen they were also erasing many of them. Still, they managed to fill up the memory card so I thought I'd salvage what I could by downloading and give them a clean slate to start over with. I had no idea how fun it would be to see the images full screen. Not only did they bring back memories but I thought the ultra low resolution grainy quality of the images and the child's perspective (3 feet tall) gave them an innocent sweet viewpoint. So, manage your expectations, get a cup of coffee and enjoy a slideshow
Speaking of photos; I had the great fortune of spending a little time with Jake Stangel and really enjoy a popular photo blog he keeps. You gotta love; Too Much Chocolate.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Woodland Park Cyclocross race.....

James Birkenbuel, aka Uncle Jamie, put together a little video from our team's cyclocross race last week.  The footage is mainly interviews with riders, but there is also some great footage of the kids.  The kids were out in the cold, all day, no nap, and they kept it together.  We were impressed with their fortitude.  Then again, they are Norwegian.
Woodland Park

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dancing Machine

you gotta cock your head a little to view this, but it's worth the neck cramp.

True, You're Breaking My Heart

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the first outing for the holidays!

riley, true, zoran, ms. colleen, luca, camilla, emma,  reindeer, elf(?)

true leads the pack

luca and his friend, emma

hey, it's enzo!

i know it's early to start in on christmas activities...but what can we say?  we love the holidays and we may as well get the party started.  aaron did just that....he biked the kids down to meet our preschool friends at swanson's nursery.   the kids saw curly the camel, a couple of reindeer, an elf or two, santa, lots of trains, fish...and a whole nursery full of plants.  they were there for hours and topped it off with a trip to dick's drive in, a seattle burger institution.

good grief charlie brown!

i've been forcing true to watch charlie brown holiday cartoons since he was a year old.  it's a big dose of nostalgia for me, and until the past year or so, true never really "got it".  he does now and he laughs heartily at the appropriate times.  it's fun to see which scenes make him laugh, like this one, with snoopy making toast for thanksgiving dinner.  true thought a dinner of popcorn and toast sounded pretty good and he was surprised that linus, franklin, sally, lucy, marcie, and pepermint patty were dismayed at the lack of turkey.  i've also spied true tappng his foot and moving his head to vince guaraldi's piano soundtrack....the music sends me way back to my childhood, sitting on the brown scratchy couch in front of our TV with the broken knob (thanks to me and my brother...over and over and over).  i loved being cozy in my pjs and dreaming of the holiday.  i hope that true feels the same way, and i wonder if he'll share charlie brown with his children.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cycle Oregon, Aaron, Rapha, and a wee bit of me

take some time to read up about Rapha at Cycle Oregon.  of particular interest is day 5 and 6.  you'll see.

Rapha, Cycle Oregon

Monday, November 1, 2010

the Fantastic Fox family!

we had a family themed halloween this's the first time i have dressed up in 20 years.  i loved our costumes, based on the book and movie, The Fantastic Mr Fox (you gotta see the movie!).  while aaron and i were cute, the kids really take the cake.   thanks to grandma erbeck for churning out the costumes for the 4th year! 
the weather cooperated and we had a solid hour of door knocking and treat collecting.  luca often lagged behind and was the last to get a treat, but true was quite the good big brother, always insisting that his brother got his share.  it was super sweet, although we cringed at the amount of sugar these kids amassed.

skylar with her friend olivia...they were great candy scouts!  

more pictures to come (thanks nic for sending these!)