Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the train! the train!

one really positive outcome of a broken collar bone is the abundance of time one has to spend with their kids.  take me for instance.  normally on a clear fall weekend i'd be fretting about race fitness, or my bike, or my lack of fitness, or something along those lines.  broken collar bone= no bike/race stress!  just hang out with the kids and do something different.
this past sunday, different meant taking a ride on the old snoqualmie train .  true, luca and myself headed out and enjoyed the beautiful fall afternoon while daddy took the opportunity to kill it at the races.
waiting to board the train

this is going to be awesome mom!

big mt si in the background

so much to look at!

luca really just wanted to sleep

playing on one of the museum trains...only to see the "no climbing on trains" sign much later. whoops.

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