Monday, October 25, 2010

fort erbeck

sunday was a torrential downpour.  even this seasoned seattleite had no interest in going outside.  the kids felt the same way.  we did the best we could with what we had and created a cool sheet and chair fort.  i think the kids managed to get every toy they own under there, complete with bedding and food, and this kept them busy for 3 hours.  true begged me to not take it down during nap time, i complied, only because i remember how much i loved forts as a kid too.  in good time, true decided the house was a mess, and the fort should be removed.  he acted as the project manager as i dismantled, and he instructed his brother on where to put all of the toys (no, no, no luca, the balls go into THIS bin.  no, no, no luca, all the trucks go over HERE....etc....)
Fort Erbeck
just a few tears
mostly trucks were allowed in

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