Saturday, October 16, 2010

Biringer Farm Pumpkin Patch

Creative Kids preschool took their annual pumpkin patch field trip and this time, I got to go along!  Who knew that stomping around a muddy patch of pumpkins could be so fun?  We spent four hours checking out mazes, corn fields, tractors, goats, slides, haunted houses.....and the kids and adults got to pick out a pumpkin each!  We are almost all set for Halloween....(True practices trick-or-treating every night).

Creative Kids, Luca, Emma, Riley, Kellan, Zoran,Camilla
Luca and Emma are close in age and very good friends
True assists Luca with his warm hat
kids making their way through the corn maze

Luca found a better way to get through it

dance party in the corn field

Luca drives the tractor

Logan is so cute!

Two cute white pumpkins....


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