Tuesday, October 26, 2010


SSCXWC (single speed cyclocross world chamiponship...as if you didn't know) was held in small town near seattle this year.  i stayed home with the kids (raining buckets)  and off aaron went to conquer or be conquered. sounds like it was a lot of fun....but the mud tells quite a story:
hard to see out of these!
the sock on the right is what the sock on the left should look like

yes, it is aaron

Monday, October 25, 2010

fort erbeck

sunday was a torrential downpour.  even this seasoned seattleite had no interest in going outside.  the kids felt the same way.  we did the best we could with what we had and created a cool sheet and chair fort.  i think the kids managed to get every toy they own under there, complete with bedding and food, and this kept them busy for 3 hours.  true begged me to not take it down during nap time, i complied, only because i remember how much i loved forts as a kid too.  in good time, true decided the house was a mess, and the fort should be removed.  he acted as the project manager as i dismantled, and he instructed his brother on where to put all of the toys (no, no, no luca, the balls go into THIS bin.  no, no, no luca, all the trucks go over HERE....etc....)
Fort Erbeck
just a few tears
mostly trucks were allowed in

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

welcome Georgia Lucille Keeling!

a picture is worth a zillion words.  we are so happy  for emmett and magnolia and heather and greg and the addition to the family.  she looks beautiful and peaceful and she'll fit right in!
(true thought she should be called gorilla sauce, but we really think georgia lucille is a smashingly fantastic name)

the keeling three

shout out to heather.... 42 weeks is a long time!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the train! the train!

one really positive outcome of a broken collar bone is the abundance of time one has to spend with their kids.  take me for instance.  normally on a clear fall weekend i'd be fretting about race fitness, or my bike, or my lack of fitness, or something along those lines.  broken collar bone= no bike/race stress!  just hang out with the kids and do something different.
this past sunday, different meant taking a ride on the old snoqualmie train .  true, luca and myself headed out and enjoyed the beautiful fall afternoon while daddy took the opportunity to kill it at the races.
waiting to board the train

this is going to be awesome mom!

big mt si in the background

so much to look at!

luca really just wanted to sleep

playing on one of the museum trains...only to see the "no climbing on trains" sign much later. whoops.

Monday, October 18, 2010

cherry bomb

on our way to zeek's!

if you know the west coast erbecks at all....then you know we love pizza.  in particular, we love zeek's "cherry bomb" (sausage, sweet/hot peppers, basil, yummmmmm).  going to zeek's is one of our favorite things to do with the kids...it's family friendly, delicious...and while we used to have leftovers from a size large pizza, it is no longer to be (thanks luca).

luca's first slice

luca's 3rd slice (who eats 3 slices at 2 yrs old?!)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Biringer Farm Pumpkin Patch

Creative Kids preschool took their annual pumpkin patch field trip and this time, I got to go along!  Who knew that stomping around a muddy patch of pumpkins could be so fun?  We spent four hours checking out mazes, corn fields, tractors, goats, slides, haunted houses.....and the kids and adults got to pick out a pumpkin each!  We are almost all set for Halloween....(True practices trick-or-treating every night).

Creative Kids, Luca, Emma, Riley, Kellan, Zoran,Camilla
Luca and Emma are close in age and very good friends
True assists Luca with his warm hat
kids making their way through the corn maze

Luca found a better way to get through it

dance party in the corn field

Luca drives the tractor

Logan is so cute!

Two cute white pumpkins....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

one of my favorite things

look at my super cute new hat, compliments of nicola!  she made this gem for my birthday and i love it!  not only is it super cute, it is well constructed, made of CASHMERE, lined in SILK, and adorned with vintage buttons and feathers.  next to the frye boots that papa bear gave me, this is my favorite new thing.
bonus, it covers my bad new hair cut!

Monday, October 11, 2010

hoping for labor

most of you who read this blog also read heather's blog about emmett and magnolia and the keelings in general.  well, heather is overdue with keeling baby 3 and we're rooting the little guy/gal to come on down.  i know that nobody is as ready as heather (41 weeks is a long time), but i really am so excited to see the new keeling and to know if e and m will be having a little sister or brother for future torment.  oh my gosh, the mystery is killing me!

heather, i feel for you! 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

more racing!

please read our team blog...nicola has some nice pictures of true and luca and the infamous first race:

can you tell i am still just full of pride for my children?  it's pretty amazing to see your little kids start to embrace the exact things that make you so happy yourself.

holiday house

if ever we were to forget which holiday was on the horizon, we'd simply have to look out our window, across the street, to jean and vern's house.  they have decorations for everything from valentine's day to christmas (halloween and christmas are truly amazing, not quite works of art, but truly amazing none the less).  it takes vern about a two weeks to get it all out there.....every night we take a stroll and the kids point out whatever lighted piece of plastic that is new to the mix.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the link

here's the actual link to true's racing photo, and what the photographer had to say about it.

true's first race

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

those racing erbecks

true had his very first bike race last sunday at the MFG cyclocross race series.  they run the kids at the noon hour, and while i always enjoyed watching them, my perspective changed greatly with the wee erbeck participation.  while both true and luca entered the race,  luca really lost interest about one eighth of the way.  he is just not ready.

true, on the other hand dealt quite well with the loss of his erbeck teammate... he continued and finished!  nicola and skylar ran next to him, leaving me free to remove luca from the course.  aaron skipped his race warm up to ride next to true and never did you see such a proud father.   true received a medal for his efforts and as he said to me,  he wasn't even tired and the race wasn't long enough and it did not have enough hills.   ah yes!  he is his father's son!

 the number is oh so carefully pinned to true's jersey

 true has his race face on as he prepares to get his call up to the line
and true mid-race, in the sand pit, after taking a digger....he's smart enough to know it's faster to run this section
 luca, on his new scoot, warming up for his first race
 i guess true really was a little tired!
luca was WIPED out

Saturday, October 2, 2010

all sunshine all the time

luca has been a little cranky lately...we couldn't figure it out, since he's always happy.  finally with a few big smiles, we realized he has some new teeth.  ah ha!  now it all makes sense.  here's to my little boy, who is changing daily, and so quickly becoming a little man!