Tuesday, September 21, 2010

all kinds of riding

aaron had a week of riding bikes with rapha , and i took care of kids. my husband surprised me though...he flew me to oregon to join him and the team.
the story is amazing and involves private airplanes, rodeos, picking gravel out of my knee, bull riding, 7 pound corn dogs, and so many other things. i wouldn't know where to start or end. but here is some photo evidence of what was an amazing and crazy weekend.
(thanks to my mom for making the trip to seattle to take care of the wee erbecks. they loved hanging out with grammy!)

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heather v keeling said...

totally LOVE the bull riding photos! and i think you left out one small detail about your adventure....the broken collar bone?! you erbecks will do anything for fun!
it was great seeing you at the end of your trip!