Wednesday, August 18, 2010


our annual north cascade ride happened this past weekend....the grandmas took care of the kids, grumpa drove our stuff over, and we rode bikes. here's so pictures on roberta's blog....a good representation of the weekend.

thanks grandma, grammy, grumpa for all of your hard work!

tissue please?

i've been on a quest for quite sometime to find a movie that true could watch that is age appropriate and not frightening in the least. it's been hard! we've had some really big misses, and only a few hits. toy story 2 worked decently, although i had to remind true that it was just pretend and his toys would not come alive when he left the room. then there was charlotte's old classic, and seemingly harmless. i really thought true would enjoy the all the farm animals. true watched the first half of the cartoon with his dad and i told him that he could watch the rest the next night with his grandmother. his eyes got wide and he became quiet. i couldn't understand why, but i put him to bed and thought nothing of it. the next morning true softly requested that he not watch the movie with his grandmother. i of course agreed and asked if he'd rather watch it alone, or with his father. again, he became very quiet and wide eyed, "mom, i don't want to watch it at all. it puts tears in my eyes".

he went on to explain that it was templeton the rat, who bit wilbur's tail, that made him so sad. he didn't like templeton and never wanted to see him again.

oh my sensitive son.

let me know if you have any suggestions for a sweet movie with no monsters, no rats, no biting, nothing cruel. i, for the life of me, can't come up with anything.