Thursday, July 29, 2010

the news

my camera took a digger, so my updates will be without visuals.

one of my favorite things about summer, and about living in the northwest, is the abundance of outdoor activities and events. it seems like every night i have somewhere that i want to drag the kids!

last night we went to the greenwood seafair parade, only 4 blocks from the house. the streets were closed and we had a great spot right at a key intersection where most of the participants stopped to show off or hand out toys and snacks. we saw drum bands, multiple marching bands, lots of cheerleading squads and drill teams, war veterans (whom, with our encouragement, the crowd gave a standing ovation), pirates, boats, police motorcycle drill team, clowns, and.....princesses!
i emphasize the princesses because for some reason, all of them LOVED true (it has to be the white hair). he received many air kisses from the pretty girls wearing crowns, and he buried his face into my shoulder with shyness, but always returned the gesture with a wave. it was sooo cute, and evidence of what's to come for true.
not to be ignored, luca would stand up and clap and wave back, and the pretty girls would send him a wink.

we endured 2.5 hours of the mayhem before we made our way home, the kids enjoying all of their new treasures (stickers, candy, beach balls, etc), me reminiscing about my own childhood, and missing my parents and thinking that they must have felt how i did at that moment...happy and content and in a state of bliss...

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