Tuesday, June 29, 2010

peter's birthday bike ride

we had quite the epic saturday for peter's birthday bike ride! imagine our cute "bar" tandem (meaning it ain't set up for long rides), pulling the double bike trailer complete with kids and an extra bike for true to ride. throw in spare clothing, diaper bag, snacks, the kitchen sink, and you get an idea of how loaded down we were. once we got that big ol' freight train moving, it seemed we made the 20 miles (or so) to the winery in no time, including an ice cream stop!

the real star of the day was toliver, jan and peter's 10 month old grandson, who is one of the most handsome babies i have ever seen. i can understand why peter and jan are so proud, and i love to see them absolutely drunk with love for little toliver. spend 10 minutes with toliver and i'll bet you fall nearly as deep....

happy birthday peter! you are truly one of the best! this year was a real treat and a great time...sorry that the one picture i took of you didn't turn out!

daddy loves luca

lookin' at ducks

jamie and toliver

babies love jamie!

wheelbarrow races


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