Tuesday, June 29, 2010

peter's birthday bike ride

we had quite the epic saturday for peter's birthday bike ride! imagine our cute "bar" tandem (meaning it ain't set up for long rides), pulling the double bike trailer complete with kids and an extra bike for true to ride. throw in spare clothing, diaper bag, snacks, the kitchen sink, and you get an idea of how loaded down we were. once we got that big ol' freight train moving, it seemed we made the 20 miles (or so) to the winery in no time, including an ice cream stop!

the real star of the day was toliver, jan and peter's 10 month old grandson, who is one of the most handsome babies i have ever seen. i can understand why peter and jan are so proud, and i love to see them absolutely drunk with love for little toliver. spend 10 minutes with toliver and i'll bet you fall nearly as deep....

happy birthday peter! you are truly one of the best! this year was a real treat and a great time...sorry that the one picture i took of you didn't turn out!

daddy loves luca

lookin' at ducks

jamie and toliver

babies love jamie!

wheelbarrow races


Thursday, June 24, 2010

warm summer nights

i never thought we would see warm weather this year....but last night was a treat. it was a good night to put the kids to work, cleaning vehicles. (excuse the cell phone photos, but my camera is currently incapacitated).

Monday, June 21, 2010

the doctor is IN

i crashed my bike this past weekend (yes again) and have a new set of owies. true decided tonight that we had waited long enough...it was time for him to work on me to make me better. here's how it went-

dr erbeck takes my blood pressure- it's 110 over 3 and 60 he says

next he checks my heart beat- it's just fine

dr erbeck says that this shot will hurt just a little, not a lot, i promise

dr erbeck finishes with an ear check (uhm mom, you should clean those ears), and another shot into my "zit" (it will be gone by morning, i promise), and then i get a prize for being a good patient (an airplane).

thanks dr erbeck, i feel better all ready!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


true had his very first sleepover on saturday night (at enzo's house). he was absolutely beside himself with excitement- and so were his parents! luca, however, wasn't exactly stoked about the situation, since he only wants to be with true ALL of the time. things went great- true got to watch movies, eat chicken nuggets, sleep until 8am, eat bacon and eggs, rides bikes a lot. what could be better?!

bathtime at enzo's

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

emmett and magnolia

emmett and magnolia, looking through my bag for treasures...

maggie as hollywood starlet, emmett as a fast bike racer

now maggie is taking her turn as a bike racer while emmett goes for glam

i had the good fortune of spending the night in pdx...hanging out with the keelings. the adult keelings are fun and all, but really, maggie and emmett just stole the show (along with my heart). these kids are so much fun and so smart! they showed me ALL of their toys and all of the big kid things they can do, which includes conversation! emmett melted my heart when he insisted on holding my hand to walk around, and equal in that department was maggie who made me go down the slide with her about a million times. it was awesome.

sunday mornings

this is how it goes....notice there's not a heck of a lot of room for mom.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

art walk!

vanessa (note the wine water bottle) and jason, discussing art

odessa's croissant was as big as her head!

luca and adeline


the bullbaughs

our little blue collar neighborhood is getting kinda fancy...it's great for us! we now have an official art walk! aaron thought it would be a great idea (i concurred) to have friends over for wine and cheese before we cruised the neighborhood, looking at art that we'd never buy, but would surely enjoy.
here's the funny part- true picks up on the concept that we are having people over and he grabs *his* cell phone and makes this call:

hi odessa? oh you're not picking up. well, people are coming over to our house tonight to walk and well, maybe you could come? you could bring adeline (her sister) for luca. ok. well, see you.

then he turns to me and says-
odessa did not pick up, so i think i'll send her at text message.

he proceeds to punch the number pad on the phone. he slides it shut and says-
ok, i sent her a text!

aaron and i were DYING with laughter, but to honor our son's brave first date request, we silenced ourselves. and i couldn't get to a computer fast enough to email the bullbaughs (odessa and adeline's parents) to ask them to come over.

well, the bullbaughs excepted true's invitation! to add to the mix, we also had jason and meg, clark and vanessa and dollie. we proceeded to drink wine and bubbly (we were art walking after all) and then made our way through a few blocks of art, water bottles filled with wine.

true and odessa were coy, but it was obvious they wanted to hang out together. adeline and luca were not so coy and attached at the hip!

World Cup Soccer

we have our own little version of world cup soccer going on! tuesday nights aaron loads up the kids and takes them to a grass roots soccer practice started by one of our friends. the kids love the exercise, and we love to hang out with all the parents.


another cute photo from our ballard crit fun

Monday, June 7, 2010

oh my super cute boys

lots of fun to be had at the races on a sunny day! clark rider took these pictures, and i gotta say, true is a heart breaker in that hat.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


well, i gotta little owie racing yesterday....some girl went down in the peleton and took a few of us with her. aside from being upset that my race was then done...it kinda hurt a little!

but, my kids made me feel so much better....true hugged me and said, oh i am so sorry that you crashed and got an owie momma...but it will get better, i promise it will. in just a little while it won't hurt so much. awwww momma, i'm sorry.

and then luca with a pat on my owie and, mama, owie mama...and then he kissed my owie.

my owie felt so much better after that.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

memorial day weekend without mom!

i'd like to say that while i was gone for four! (4!) days that the boys were bored and had no fun and didn't function well. but looks like things didn't go that way. upon my return the house was clean, the kids were happy, and aaron had some photo evidence.

a new hat from jason and meg for true....super cute!

like father like son

getting coffee and pastries

waiting for trains at carkeek

one happy little luca