Wednesday, May 26, 2010

just for kicks

here's my little true-true with his dad when he was just a wee thing.

True is FOUR!!!! (or "this many")

my oldest son is four years old today. it seems only fitting that it is pouring rain outside...just like the day he came into the world. i told true this morning all about his birth, and the look of terror/love we both shared when we saw each other for the first time.

true, happy birthday!!!!! your father, your brother, and myself love and adore you very much!

(images *thank you jason clark* are from true's blow out bday bash over the weekend...the party started at 3:30, the last family left at 8:45, true went to bed at 9:15, and our last guest finally found his way out the door at 11pm!)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

the pizza song

yes, cycling makes true very happy. so does pizza. combine the two, and you have a singing, crazy happy kid. this impromptu stop at zeek's pizza was met with much enthusiasm from both erbeck boys, as well as mom.
once true started eating his pizza, he decided to serenade the restaurant with his pizza song..."i love pizza, i love pizza, i really really love pizza..." he even had luca singing along. i couldn't get them to sit still for a photo op!

hot wheels

i was riding home from work last week when i came across one of the professors from my department. he was biking home, after having retrieved his daughter from daycare. she was riding on a "tag-a-long", sort of a half bike that connects in the back of the main bike. she's not even four yet, and apparently she's been traveling to and from daycare like this for more than a year. she was very obviously having a great time, and quite proud of herself. that was all it took for me to realize that true needed one of these, and now! (some credit to aaron, who has been trying to get me to warm up to this idea for a long time).

so, we got one. here's true, "working on his bike"

we were a little nervous about the first ride, true is usually slow to warm up to changes and new things. his hesitation last about 2 seconds...and then he was the happiest kid i've ever seen. he fully has embraced this new idea in transportation!

as you can tell, my life is pretty easy with this set up. i only have to carry the backpack loaded with whatever is needed for the adventure- in this case, we were on our way to ethan and jaxon's bday party. true couldn't wait to show his friends he new bike!

true woke up this morning, smiling and excited, "mom, i was thinking that maybe we could just go for a bike ride today. you know, like, maybe we could go around the block, or maybe we could go for a real ride, or you know, just around the house if you want....." (incidentally, it's now 2 hours later and he's still talking about the ride he wants to do).

Monday, May 10, 2010

being true and luca's mom is awesome

it was sunny (strangely so), and warm, and the wee luca woke me up with his giggles. i opened the door and he smiled and exclaimed, "MOMMY!! MOMMY!". that in itself may not sound unusual, but it was the first time that my youngest strayed from the usual, "mama". it brought a little tear to my eye as i thought about how fast the wee luca is growing up.

luca and i started in on our first breakfast (luca always has two; one when he first wakes and another after true joins us). we were singing silly songs and eating toast when true came running out of his room yelling, "mommy!! mommy!!! happy mother's day mommy! i love you!" well holy cow. i was left speechless. another little tear to my eye as i swept true into my arms and we danced while singing more silly songs.

the sun was so delightful that we decided we should go for a run combined with a trip to the park. true wanted to teach his little brother how to swing really, really, really high. at some point during our run, true decided he wanted to jog with me. i thought this would last about 100 yards, but true really surprised me when he continued for at least a mile! he pushed the jogger while running and reminded me every few steps how fast and how strong he was. the whole scene was rather idyllic, like a hallmark mother's day commercial.

we were early to the park, so there were plenty of available swings, sand toys, and no lines for the slides. true held his brother's hand (much to luca's chagrin), and dragged him around to the different spots. the kids had me laughing and running around, trying to keep up. my daredevil youngest would plunge down any slide, head first, superman style. he would land in a heap, only to laugh, get up, do it all over.

we left the park and as we passed the rings, true asked me to do some pull ups for his enjoyment. he told me i had to do "this many"...holding up both hands, all fingers extended. a tall order, but i obliged while he counted them. he told me i was a really, really strong mommy and then he turned to some poor runner standing there and challenged him- "can you do a pull up? can you do as many as my mom? no? oh, you should keep trying. i'll do pull ups some day when i'm bigger, not too long from now. right mommy? i can do pull ups soon, right mommy?...." his rambling continued as the runner tried to escape, collecting his shattered ego as he stumbled away.

a full morning already, but there was more in store. we got home and the kids helped me clean bikes. more like i cleaned my bike, while they each "cleaned" their bikes. it was a lesson on the importance of keeping your stead in good working order. true in particular, was quite proud of his work. to show off the hard work, the kids took turns on true's scoot, going in and out of our front lawn trees and around the car. this is what true calls mountain bike racing (luca, btw, is much too small for the scoot, but he insists that i balance him and push him around anyway....another good workout for mom).

our adventures did not end there! the best was yet to come after nap time when we met up with nicola, sky, and uncle lincoln to enjoy the warmth and sunshine at golden gardens. i think most of seattle had the same idea! it was only 68f, but you would have thought it to be 90f based on the amount of skin showing at the beach. all the kids were in bathing suits, playing the the stream and in the sound. it was hilarious to watch to 60+ kids, work on building a dam together. it was a microcosm of the real world....there were project managers (mostly the girls), designers (a mix of both genders), and the workers (both genders, all ages). when the work was completed, 60+ kids counted down from 30 to when they would destroy their creation. it was as if time stood still- the entire beach anticipating the destruction and the aftermath....5..4..3..2..1!!!! kids screaming, water everywhere, unsuspecting adults getting soaked for placing their beach blankets in the wrong spot (they should have listened to the project managers). in all of this, are true, luca, skylar.

we ate our sandy (inevitable) dinner, buried sky and lincoln numerous times, immersed our toes in the cold, salty sound water. the kids were exhausted, bathed and dressed in pjs without issue. luca kissed me as i put him down, and true whispered into my ear..."happy mother's day mommy. i love you".

Saturday, May 8, 2010

from the blog of hi matt

"hi matt" is our neighbor and good friend. he likes adventure and was kind enough to go on a little erbeck adventure and then write it up. you gotta check it out!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

leaving on a jet plane....

papa bear is off to california to ride with the rapha team. he's being flown there, along with hahn, via this private plane belonging to and piloted by our friend, xylon. aaron's thrilled for this opportunity....while i'll nervously await to hear of his safe arrival to the golden state.

ground control to major tom