Tuesday, April 27, 2010

warm happy days

true loves to work and play outside, as evidenced by his smile here.

Monday, April 26, 2010

date ride!

oh how i love my friend and her awesome daughter, nicola and skylar. these two selflessly gave up their sunday (and a sunny warm one at that) to watch luca and true so that aaron and i could spend the day doing our favorite thing (noooo, not that).....ride bikes!

it's been a very long time since papa bear and i have gone on a ride together, just us. in fact, i think the last time was when i was pregnant with luca so you can imagine how fast that ride was. although we seriously considered just riding as far as the curb and getting into the van to just sleep...we took off and discussed our ride options along the way. i had mentally decided that we would do a casual 80 miler, but my much smarter husband had a different idea...a casual 50 miler with a Roanoke Tavern stop thrown in. oh erbeck, grand idea!

so that was our day...bikes and beers and being together. it was like the old days, BC (before children). although we were drunk with freedom, we really missed our little bears, and we felt lucky to be such a happy bear family.

nicola and sky- we can not thank you enough.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An evening Jason and Meg

we had the pleasure of having sunday dinner with jason and meg (recently engaged! congrats you two!). the kids were feeling pretty olympic and displayed all kinds of bad dining manners, but we had a mostly empty restaurant, so we didn't work too hard to contain them. i was amazed when both jason and meg agreed to have another cocktail after dinner....they didn't seem to be bothered by the chaos. they even said they were having fun.

after dinner we went for a stroll, and an evening with jason always involves some out of the ordinary and cool photography. he took these pictures as the boys walked, jumped, and ran on tall concrete structures. i had visions of a trip to the ER, but somehow, everybody escaped relatively unscathed.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


luca clearly enjoyed his hike with dad and true this morning. what could be better than being out in the fresh air and napping at the same time?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the wee luca is 15 months!

little luca had his 15 months doctor check up and all is well. it was a fairly uneventful appointment with luca gibber jabbing and performing all of his baby antics that are so popular with the crowd. then there were the shots...as soon as the nurse walked in the door with her shot tray, luca gabbed me and started wailing. seriously, how did that kid know?

his doctor had a great laugh when he asked what luca ate and i said the short list would be what he doesn't eat. honestly, he eats anything i give him. this morning i made a spinach, blueberry, apple, and coconut butter smoothie. who in their right mind, aside from me, would eat that? well, luca would. and lots of it. he devoured more than half of mine! i had to make more! then tonight i sauteed onions, garlic and broccoli rabe- at best, this could be described as eating warm and bitter earth (i love it). luca loved it. he ate forkful after forkful after forkful. oh wee luca, you make life easier!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

the easter bunny was here...

hippity hop!

enzo and true

grandma helps luca get some loot

parents getting kids to pose for the group shot

the group shot (kind of)

what a fun easter! the excitement started at 6:45am when the kids woke up and true ran around the house looking for what the easter bunny had brought for him. he found his basket, along with luca's, on the kitchen table. both kids were delighted with all the brightly colored plastic eggs filled with dried fruit. yes, you read it right, dried fruit. i guess the easter bunny figures that he can get a few more years of leaving the kids healthy snacks before they know what kind of candy mania they are missing out on.

next, we put on our easter best and headed off to the bullbaugh's for a brunch and some easter egg hunting. brunch was insanely delicious, and the bullbaugh's have a ton of great toys, so the kids were stoked (to say the least). then...the easter egg hunt....grandma helped luca, true was on his own, and there so many eggs and treasures hiding in the grass! finn, harrison, odessa, adeline, petra, enzo, true, and luca were great egg hunters while little charlie and dolly starr cheered them on (next year, when they are walking, they'll join in).

thank you karina and john for pulling together a great easter. you guys rock!