Tuesday, March 30, 2010

passover at peter and jan's house

peter and true open the seder ceremony

true assists in washing hands

luca isn't too sure about wearing this type of hat

true tells peter what he'd like for a passover present

luca's not too sure about anything...

i've been going to passover at peter and jan's house for at least 15 years. it's a great tradition and i can hardly believe that i'm now bringing my husband (although absent this year), and my children. it's a long evening, and a little hard for the kids to get through, but both luca and true did a stellar job. true is old enough now that he opens the ceremony by asking the 4 questions, which for true, ended up being a concise single question, "why?". peter also enlisted true's help in washing the hands, a very important part of the seder dinner! and of course true and luca sat on peter's lap to tell him what they would like for a passover present. i'm not sure that peter got an answer out of either of them, but both kids couldn't have been happier with their presents of a digger for true and a circus truck for luca (anything with wheels please!). my kids were up until past 10:30pm and for the most part, they remained absolute angels.

thanks peter and jan! a great passover...as always!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

happy birthday riley!

happy birthday riley! (in the peace shirt)

true and zoran waiting for the carousel

one of true's preschool mates had his 4th bday party at the zoo! this was a serious great time with many carousel rides, a real live badger to pet, lots of cake, prizes, sunshine, and lots of rolling around in the grass. we love riley and his infinite amount of energy and enthusiasm! you can't help but smile and laugh right along side him....

Thursday, March 25, 2010


i love coffee. a lot.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


we've been preparing true for this day for months....it was his first trip to see the DENTIST! as it turns out, no amount of prepping makes things easier for a first time trip. it must be scary to have all these new sounds, these weird machines, and strange people poking around in your mouth! he tried his best to be good, but my poor sugar-muffin was sweating and shaking. he complied with most requests...but he was having none of the "squirt gun" and "mr thirsty water sucker". we put in a video for him, hoping to get him to relax, but he asked me to turn it off so he could hear what the dentist was saying. glad he was paying attention!
the good news is that true's little teeth are very healthy with zero decay. he does have a right side cross-bite, which we're hoping to solve when he's about 7 years old, in order to avoid braces.

Monday, March 22, 2010

big help

true has alwyas enjoyed "working", certainly so when it comes to helping dad with bikes. last weekend true wondered over to matt's help to "help" him work, and much to true's delight, help was needed on bikes. matt sent over this photo...i'm not sure why matt was loading water drums onto his bike, but i'll be it had something to do with his bike ride over to a brewery in georgetown! glad true could help you out matt!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

erin go bragh

true's st patrick day party hat

we had a superb start to our st patrick's day with true leaping out of his bed, jumping up and down, squealing that it was st partrick's day and he was going to wear green! this, of course, put luca is a great mood and when both of the kids are so happy, how could aaron and i be anything but equally as cheerful?! we musterd smiles even before coffee and after coffee...well, it was all good times. i rode my bike to work, singing all the way, "waltzing with mommy" (true's alteration to "waltzing mathilda").

Sunday, March 14, 2010

boys on the town

i have some updates coming from the trip to tahoe (just me and the boys), until then, here's a picture of the erbeck boys on boys' night out. (thanks jason!)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

and more from orcas camp!

Orcas Island Training Camp

yes, we made our annual pilgrimage to orcas island with our cycling team for training (a wee bit) and general revelry (a lot of that). and every year we pack up just about everything we own to make the trip and every year i wonder how the heck aaron manages it. our only difference this year was the addition of auntie gayle- a very welcome addition. as per usual, the weekend consisted of a little bit of bike riding, a lot of beer, some bonfires, lots of food, and a lot of laughs. true also had a break through big boy moment...he was allowed to leave the cabin on his bike and go all the way to ethan and jaxon's cabin unattended. no mom. no dad. no auntie gayle. just true. we're happy to report that he made it there and back with no problems! oh my little man is just all kinds of growin' up!