Thursday, February 25, 2010

quick update

the wee luca continues to amaze us! we get so excited by everything he does...everybody said that we wouldn't with a second child, but we find that we are giddy with delight with all of his "firsts".

luca has completely given up crawling- he has been taking steps since december, but only in the last month as he really taken a big interest in walking. no more knees for him!

luca has started to sign (although he's pretty verbal and really great at letting us know what he wants). he's using the signs for milk, more, all done, want, plus a few of his own that he has made up. true is busy teaching him water, music, cereal, hungry, please, thank you. true wants to learn more signing, so i'm always seeking the help of one of our faculty who signs. he finds it funny/odd but intriguing and stops into my office to inquire of luca and true's progress.

wee luca just about broke my heart yesterday when he struggled to put on his own shoes and hat in an effort to leave with us as we were getting ready for work and school. this kid does not like to get left behind and really, he just wants to be with his brother all of the time. if true isn't home, luca will crawl into true's bed and put his head on the pillow and just say "true! true! true!", over and over. oh so incredibly super cute.

Monday, February 22, 2010

a few more index shots

i don't know these two, but they sure were cute.

skylar on skyline...i couldn't figure out how to rotate the photo

aaron and luca

lincoln's bonfire, prepping for s'mores

Sunday, February 21, 2010

INDEX with the Mclouglbecks

mike, skylar, nicola

view from the cabin front porch!

yes. it's true. i am calling the mixture of nicola, skylar, lincoln, true, luca, aaron, and myself the "mclouglbecks". the papparazzi actually gave us this name (they follow us wherever we go).

nicola has a very gracious mentor who gave her use of a very sweet cabin in index, wa, for the weekend. and nicola, being super sweet herself, arranged so that the erbecks could join in the fun! the place was situated perfectly...nestled under the train bridge on the shore of the skykomish river. we had both trains (true could not contain his excitement) and the river to send us off to sleep. the view, as you can tell by the photos, was unbelievable. we woke up to the jagged peaks on fire with the morning sun. it really was breathtaking! even true, just a small kid, was impressed beyond words, but with audible excitement at his first sight. luca was equally thrilled- at 6am he was tapping the window with his hand and saying "bye. bye. bye", which means he wanted to get out there!

after a hearty norweigian pancake breakfast (thanks aaron!), lincoln, nicola, skylar and myself set out for stevens pass. it was sky's last weekend of ski lessons, and we were there to watch her race, and get some snowboarding in. the snow, despite our lack-luster winter, was great! coverage was great! it was sunny and warm! it was awesome! skylar impressed everybody and i just got a kick out of riding behind her, watching her *shred* the mountain. we came home pretty tuckered out from our day on the snow! (incidentally, aaron and the little erbecks hung back at the cabin and explored index).

sunday is always a little sad when you have to pack your bag, clean up, load up, and wave goodbye. aaron and lincoln headed out by bike- fully capitalizing on the february sunshine and the chance to log over 60 miles. the rest of us went back up to steven's pass to slide around on the snow again. my intent was to get true on skis for his first time, but the conditions (his lack of ski gear) held us back. next time true!

(ps...true asked me to blog that he says "hi" to all of his friends and he wants me to tell everybody that "i just really love them".

shout out to mike for hooking us up with ski passes! and super big shout out to nicola for sharing the cabin with us!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ain't love grand?

here are some photos of the many valentines that true received at his preschool party. super cute! true really got into the effort this year and we spent a good 3 hours working on making valentines for all of his friends. no easy task for an impatient mother and a young son!

aaron and i ended up having a lovely day together, thanks to nicola, uncle lincoln, and skylar. they came over in the afternoon so that papabear and i could get out on the bikes and enjoy some road time. we didn't get very far before it started getting pretty rainy and cold and since we're more into comfort than suffering these days, we decided to sit under a big tree at the locks and drink a bottle of wine. when the light began to fade and the chill set in, we pedaled up the hill- destination: our favorite neighborhood cocktail lounge. we had some cocktails and remembered how much we deeply love each other...sometimes a little whiskey is a good thing. we went home to our little boy valentines and hugged and kissed them and felt so very lucky to have them. we put them to bed and then enjoyed a grown up dinner by candlelight and remembered again how much we deeply love each other.

love is truly grand.

President's Day

you gotta love that i work at an educational institution and therefore i have ALL holidays (practically) off. i decided to spend the day with luca...just me and him. we had a blast and accomplished quite a lot (including buying a crock pot, which is an entire blog in itself). my favorite part of the day was taking luca out for a run in the jogger (he's great company) and then watching him go CRAZY at the park. this was the first time since luca has been walking and getting around that we have spent time going down slides, walking over bridges, etc......this kid was not to be stopped! he bravely worked his way up the steps and down the slide, with very little interference or encouragement from me. he was quite determined!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

erbeck to the rescue!

all week long i have been looking forward to the greenwood fire station open house. i couldn't wait to show true the big engines, where the firemen sleep, and maybe meet some fire fighters in person!
there were tons of kids, most not very interested, and tons of parents trying to get their kids interested. i was one of those parents. true was apprehensive and didn't seem too curious. as we toured the engines, looked at tools, and climbed up to the drivers seat i realized it was me who was the most excited! i want to be a fire fighter! i honestly feel like it may be my calling!

true eventually came around and asked to look at different parts of the truck. he took great interest in the tools- axes, crowbars, hoses, etc. he liked that everything was well organized and told me that it was a good thing, so that they knew where to find tools when they needed them. we got to hear the dispatcher over the radio, giving engine 38 directions to an emergency. we got see to how that information came up on the computer in the truck, for the passenger rider to relay to the driver.

and now today, true has decided that he needs to go back and talk to the firemen about letting him ride in the truck. "because that would be really nice of them mom and firemen are nice people".

Thursday, February 4, 2010


kevin, peeling a banana at the top of mt.constitution

kevin and his girls, megan and emily

this blog is normally (and obviously) about true and luca, and often me and/or aaron, but today, this blog post is about a dear friend of ours who one year ago, lost his life while riding his bike to work.

kevin held many titles in life...father, son, researcher, teammate, etc...but listing those titles never feels a sufficient tribute to kevin. he just was absolutely a fantastic and outstanding person, and i don't think anybody could argue against that. kevin always had a smile and a hug for his friends and something funny to say and usually something philosophic to say. once we became parents, he had great advice to share about child rearing, but only when asked. he never turned down the opportunity to drink a beer with a friend, and quite often he was the one who produced the six pack. his smile and enthusiasm were contagious and infectious. and you could count on kevin. you could really, truly count on kevin.

i wish that i could write something better, more eloquent, more meaningful. but none of it sounds quite right, or just, or worthy. kevin was just so much more.