Tuesday, January 26, 2010

field trip!

true playing hockey and "my matt" taking a phone call

matt, our neighbor and friend, took true and aaron to the school where he teaches. true got to play some hockey in the school gym. aaron said he was wide eyed and excited not only about the hockey, but about being in a big boy school. now he's stoked to graduate preschool and move on to kindergarten, even though that's over an entire year away. true seems to love school, learning, and the prospect of meeting even more friends. now it's up to us to continue to foster his thirst for education. thanks "my matt" (true's name nic-name for matt) for the tour!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

!Viva La Bernina!

true's newly patched favorite pjs...more life left in these!

Aaron pulled out the cira late '60s Bernina sewing machine that my mother handed down to him to make some repairs to True's clothing. The sound of the old machine overwhelmed me with memories- I closed my eyes and saw my mother sitting at her sewing table in the living room, artfully stitching away at some super cute dress that she was creating for me...or finishing the button holes on another work shirt for dad. As a child I loved the clothes, as a teenager I shunned them (if you know me that certainly does not come as a surprise. But the clothes were never wasted, my best-friend Joan worn them proudly and never skipped the chance to tell me what a brat I was).
I never learned to sew and never had any interest, so Mom was happy when Aaron accept the gift with great joy (at least SOMEbody was interested). When she gave him an afternoon lesson, I imagine she never thought she would have a daughter that would shun sewing, nor that she would end up with a son-in-law that loved it.
Love it Aaron does! He only wishes that he had more time to dedicate to sewing projects. And I can add sewing to his ever growing list of duties that are his simply by virtue. Aaron Erbeck is a true renaissance man, although certainly not in a mushy, sensitive, lame-guy kind of way.

Friday, January 22, 2010

good morning neighbors!


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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

OMG so not PG!!!

in reference to my posting below, art imitating life, and the thought that crossed the minds of a few people after reading the post...NO I AM NOT PREGNANT and I WILL NEVER BE PREGNANT AGAIN. phew. felt good just to type that.

honestly, if i were a younger and more sane woman, i'd maybe consider another baby. after all... i have a kick-a$$ husband and a couple of really cool kick-a$$ kids. why not add to it?! but i am already more than a few years past what they call *advanced maternal age* and that's just not an expression i ever care to hear applied to me again.

true's drawing references are more likely the reflection of his desire for baby luca to go back into mt belly at times of sibling frustration. these times are rare...the kids do truly love hanging out with each other.

Monday, January 18, 2010

art imitating life

this is one of true's recent drawings from preschool. last year his drawings were mostly just fervent shading of the page in different colors, blue being the dominating theme. slowly, he started adding circles to his drawings, then eyes in the cirles, then a smile face. now he draws stick figure families, or his new obsession, snowmen. true made sure to point out to me that the mama snowpeople have babies in their bellies.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

oh help me now

our neighbors handed down their son's drum set to true (thank you seth, jonah, kate and lilah). true and aaron and luca are beside themselves with happiness. they are so happy, in fact, that i'll learn to cope (as if i had choice). honestly though, we had a blast tonight watching the kids drum and bounce all over. i think my kids are particularly gifted...they can keep a beat (didn't get it from their mom) and i know that encouraging their artistic endeavors is one of the best and most supportive things we can do for them as parents. aaron has an infinite amount of patience for this, and i hope to emulate his fantastic attitude.

Monday, January 11, 2010

no rain means gettin' out!

the family

running with 'berta, michelle and otto the dog

with a partly sunny january sunday, we had to take full advantage of the day! first up was our trip to carkeek park, second was mom's run with the girls and dad's ride with his boys. we met up at the end of my run and finished the workout as a family. the family that plays together stays together!

carkeek sunday and luca eats with a spoon

random subjects, but some cute pictures.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

little man grows up

heather took luca's one year portraits last weekend. thank you heather! and thank you greg and aaron for keeping the kids entertained while heather worked her photo magic. i love the shots!

Friday, January 1, 2010

mom got a camera too

hooray for the point and click! thank you santa!

say cheese! photos by true

the erbeck grandparents gave true a kids' camera for christmas. brilliant! he's having a great time! these are some of his better shots from christmas day.