Sunday, November 29, 2009

miracle on 81st St

my grinchy husband hung chirstmas lights AND played christmas music. this is nothing short of a miracle since it was; unsolicited, there was zero nagging involved, it's WAY before december 15th (which is the norm....when aaron has grown weary of my nagging and he realizes i'm not giving up until the lights are hung and vince guraldi's charlie brown christmas is softly playing in the background).

i have a pretty good feeling about christmas 2009.....

and more....

some great pictures from auntie gayle!
before the onslaught...

it's on!

luca picks out some books

aaron reads the books to true

and skyler takes over the reading

Friday, November 27, 2009

giving thanks

i asked aaron if he had a photo that i could include in my thanksgiving blog posting. he sent me this.

of course i was asking for a shot of our thanksgiving day dinner (a tradition with keelings for the past 5 years), but the photo above is a perfect depiction of the starting point for so many things that i am thankful for....
1. my husband and his love
2. our first child, true, who was in my belly when this photo was taken
3. the enduring love that would help us to evolve to a family, and create another child, luca, who is such a joy
4. my friend heather,who took this picture, who along with her husband greg and twins emmett and magnolia, are our family
5. our blood family...the erbecks, the berens, the bartholomews, the recanzones. we're lucky to have the love and support of such fantastic family
6. bikes- while the picture is at the beach, we rode our bikes to get there. it may seem trivial, but we love bikes and freedom and strength that we feel from riding them.

(we had a great day, a great stress-free and delicious dinner! aaron's turkey was awesome, auntie gayle's brussel sprouts ruled, heather's yam-yum and stuffing absolutely fantastic, greg's rolls were mouth-watering and buttery and dreamy, nicola and skyler's apple and pumpkin pies to-die-for!!!! my potatoes were decent and gravy delicious (thanks to uncle g), but bragging on a thanksgiving day ode is not allowed)

lastly, a big shout out to auntie gayle for making the trek from LA and wrangling my children. it's quite a luxury to have time to do things like clean the bathroom and take a shower and put on a nice dress!

please see heather's blog for some pics of all the kids on thanksgiving day!

Monday, November 23, 2009

We love blueberries!

I made Aaron snap this picture of Luca enjoying blueberries with his lunch.

And then I look through my pictures and recall that I have one of True, close to the same age, enjoying blueberries with his lunch.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Luca went for a ride in the Ibert with his daddy for the first time last weekend! He was wide eyed and silent, and we think he probably had a pretty good time.

Just for a little history, his a picture of True in the Ibert, 2 years ago!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


true's preschool learned all about hibernation this week. for show and tell, the kids came in pajamas and brought a stuffed bear for the hibernation cave. this is a picture of true all ready for his school day. we only had to throw on his shoes and brush his teeth! it was fun to see the kids in their pjs, along with ms colleen and bella the dog, who wore pjs for the day too.

yeh, thanks matt

it's always a pleasure to have a visit from matt alford, our favorite neighbor (along with his lovely wife, jenny). he came over on sunday and spent a great deal of time with true, spelling names with masking tape. where? oh. well, on our dining room floor. hmmmmm.
anyway, matt, a teacher, is a very patient man and they got through taped spellings of TRUE, MATT, LUCA, JENNY, AARON. this took a very long time! i even had time to make a second cup of coffee. true would periodically lose interest, then come back with fervor, then lose interest again. only to be back again. and matt remained the patient teacher.
thanks matt! dad was able to get a good amount of painting in (oh yeh, new dining room color!), and mom was able to drink her two americanos in peace.