Monday, September 7, 2009

labor day.

labor day was true to its name for me. it seems like i spent all day long picking up toys, changing diapers, wiping down luca, wiping down luca's highchair, cleaning up after true, picking up toys, picking up toys, picking up was endless. i wanted to pull my hair out.

then, everything gets quiet...luca goes down for a nap...aaron takes true into the guest bedroom for a nap...i decide to join in and we're all snuggled under a heavy wool blanket. this is my reward.

aaron falls into a deep slumber (read=snoring), and true squirms between the two of us, making all kinds of *silent* noise. i tell true he must close his eyes and go to sleep or go to his own bed. he scrunches up his face as hard as he can and scrunches his eyes closed and he looks horribly uncomfortable. every few seconds he opens his eyes to a slit and glances at me sideways, then quickly resumes his super closed up, scrunched up face, hoping i didn't catch him. he repeats this for a good five minutes, me watching, and slowly, with each passing glance, his face relaxes, one little tiny muscle at a time until he is fully relaxed and deeply asleep. aaron and true then snore in unison...and while i find it a little funny, i realize that i find much more endearing then anything.

aaron wakes up. luca wakes up. true wakes up and the chaos resumes.

and then i decide that at aaron's suggestion, i am going to make good use of the eggplant in the fridge. eggplant parmesan it is! what a stupid endeavor for a woman already tried from a day of nothing, yet everything, although nothing to show for it.

here's how it goes and so you get an idea of how it goes, luca is on my hip for most of this process- slice the eggplant and soak in a heavily salted bowl of water. start the tomato sauce (simply a jar will not due- must add herbs, garlic, wine). drain the eggplant, salt it again and place in a colander to drain again. adjust luca to other hip. kiss true's boo boos. change his clothes because his pants got wet and he is freaking out. put luca and true in the living room with toys...tell them to behave. rinse eggplant. run into living room and remind true that he can't roll all over luca. kiss luca's boo boos. place eggplant slices on paper towels to dry. organize one pan with flour, one with beaten eggs, one with seasoned bread crumbs (not store bought). realize that you don't have eggs. it's far too late to abort mission, call in the troops (that would be aaron, wet and dirty from gutter cleaning and repair) and offer the choice of going to the store or watching the kids. find yourself going to the store. resume process. dredge eggplant in four, then egg, then breadcrumbs. brown each side (3 rounds to a pan). repeat. a hundred million times. realize the colossal size of one eggplant and wonder why jesus didn't give it away to that crowd on the hill instead of fish and bread. layer a casserole dish with sauce, eggplant, sauce, cheese, repeat. put it in the oven. look around the kitchen and wonder how every single dish, pan, surface is dirty.
clean. again. for the thousandth time that day.

i don't know how women (and now a lot of men) do it. how do people do this every day?! better yet, how do they do it and stay sane?

well, the eggplant came out and it looked good and smelled great and was fantastic. usually when i take on such a labor intensive dish, it fails. big time. the more time, effort, and $$ the more it's gonna suck. but i considered this a win when aaron had two helpings and true ate everything. even eggplant. my kid ate eggplant!

and then my husband says thanks for dinner and my first born says thanks for dinner and i'm left with another pile of dishes and i still have the laundry to finish and the floors to mop....and it's ok with me.

it really is.

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