Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Erbecks invade Aunt Gayle's peaceful retreat

auntie gayle was so nice to invite the west coast erbeck clan to cape meares for some oregon coast beach fun! we enjoyed everything from rain, sun, fog, good wine, cheap wine, good food, bad bacon, hiking, beach combing, bee stings, monopoly marathon, old maid, good beer, cheap get the idea. spending time with gayle is awesome, the kids love her, and we had the added bonus of lincoln, nicola, and skyler! thank you so much gayle!


GayleBer said...

The pleasure was all mine! AG

heather v keeling said...

i love these images! the trip sounds like it was awesome! and so nice to see that a real camera was employed (sorry, but an iphone is NOT a camera). :)