Monday, August 24, 2009

what's up with the erbeck kids

somebody asked me today what good things were going on with the kids. really, i wondered where to start. it just seems that every day i am amazed at something that the kids have accomplished, have said, haven't said, have eaten, etc....
even the little things are big events to this mom.

so here are a few of things to note:

luca is army crawling. he gets up on his knees and will go forward a bit, but then decides to army crawl the rest of the way. true likes to put toys across the room and then he roots his little brother on. way to go luca!

true is finding success at guilt tripping his father. he managed to get aaron to put away fence building for the day in order to attend a 4 yr old bday party. nice work true!

luca is finding success with crying when he doesn't get what he wants. this is a huge step in the communication process and i love that my little baby is developing his own tastes and preferences. particularly funny was at the bday party when luca made it very clear that he wanted to sip the cocktail mom had, rather than the bottle he was offered (don't worry people, he did not get what he wanted here).

this morning, true successfully prepped himself for school. he undressed, went to the bathroom, and then dressed....all without the aid of mom (ok, he did need just a little help with the hook on his shorts). his outfit ended up being, uh...well...interesting, but he's cute enough to get away with it.

i'm sure i'll have more stories to tell after our oregon coast weekend with auntie gayle! we can hardly wait for the weekend!!!

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