Thursday, July 23, 2009


you wouldn't know by the snoozin' little luca that there was a raucous concert going on ...but there was!

we got some last minute tickets to the woodland park zoo tunes last night featuring the cowboy junkies and son volt. the venue is just a big open lawn on a slight incline, with the band/stage at the front. everybody packs blankets, kids, food, etc and it's like one big gigantic party.

we came late (last minute packing for two kids and not knowing what they would or wouldn't need) and there was hardly a patch of grass to be had, but we ran into some neighbors who made space for us. true was slow to catch on to the fun that i was determined we would have, but when he did, there was no stopping him. he was a dancing machine. looking something like aerobic yoga, true's style was captivating and truly entertaining.

i've always avoided zoo tune nights, not wanting the hassle of crowds. but i can't allow my own jaded attitude to keep my kids from experiencing live music and the power of positively charged crowd. there were all types and ages of people just having a great time and i can't believe that i've never taken advantage of this incredible zoo to hang out, listen to music, and connect with old friends (it was awesome to run into peeps from my past!). we'll definitely take up this endeavor again!

(ps, the music was awesome! cowboy junkies were exactly how they sound on the radio and they lolled luca into slumber. son volt was rockin'...they even moved me to dance!)

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